Study: Coconut Oil Fatty Acids have Bactericidal and Anti-inflammatory Activities Against Acne

A new study published recently in the Journal of Dermatological Science showed once again that coconut oil can be a powerful agent to use against acne.

Virgin Coconut Oil Beats Mineral Oil for Skin Health in New Study on Dermatitis

A study published in the Philippines compared the topical effects of virgin coconut oil and mineral oil on 117 children suffering from atopic dermatitis (AD). In this study, coconut oil was the clear winner.

Study: Virgin Coconut Oil Protects Liver from Toxic Effects of Drugs

A study published in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology found that Virgin Coconut Oil can protect the liver from toxic antibiotic drugs.

Oil Pulling Goes Mainstream – Health Benefits Cannot be Denied

Mainstream media outlets here in the U.S. are now actually reporting on oil pulling benefits, and even interviewing dentists who are giving positive reviews based on their patients’ experiences.

How Coconut Oil Can Replace More Expensive Beauty Products

Coconut Oil can replace hundreds of dollars of various beauty products. Chemical-free natural beauty is best!

Coconut Oil Lifts Brain Fog and Stops Memory Loss for 65 Year Old Women

I’ve been using coconut oil for over a year now and am very pleased to be myself again. The fog is gone and I’m able to drive safely again. I’ve been able to resume my hobbies: knitting and crochet as well.

Study: Coconut Oil Could Prevent Neurodegeneration in Diseases like Alzheimer’s

Rather than study the dietary effects of coconut oil, or the ketogenic diet, on neuro-degenerative diseases, this was actually an in vitro study that examined “rodent cortical neurons exposed to AB peptide” and virgin coconut oil, most likely in a petri dish or beaker, inside of a laboratory.

How To Use Coconut Flour

Baking with coconut flour can be tricky. This guide will help you understand how to use coconut flour in your gluten-free baking and keep you from wasting a lot of time and ingredients.

Private Foundation Funds Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Research

The University of South Florida’s Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute has decided to research coconut oil and Alzheimer’s Disease. The funding reportedly came from a private foundation, as there is no interest in researching this inside the medical system.

Pumpkin Recipes Featuring Coconut and Coconut Oil

Pumpkin season is here and there is no shortage of delicious recipes! All of these recipes use coconut in some fashion, whether it be coconut oil, shredded coconut, coconut cream concentrate, coconut milk, or coconut flour.