by Bobby Sullivan

A friend e-mailed my husband Dr. Neport’s video clip last week (watch it here). I watched it and told my husband that it couldn’t hurt to try.

My mother is at end-stage Alzheimers. I found the coconut oil fairly easily and started using it instead of butter, grease, or other oils in all my food preperations.

In one week I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my mother. She is holding lucid conversations and has shown cognitive reasoning that I have not seen in her in 3 years.

My mother is 3 weeks shy of 88 years old. I don’t give her the oil straight, I just use it as a substitute for cooking. When I need grease, oil or butter to cook, I use the same measurement of the coconut oil in it’s place. I also use the coconut oil as butter of pancakes, french toast, and oatmeal. It seems to work well for us this way.

Also, both my mother and husband have had a drastic decline in the severity of their tremors/shakes that they had. All 3 of us are showing a drop in our blood-pressures, to the point that we don’t have to take our BP meds as often to avoid dropping our BP too low. We have all seen results in our blood pressure, tremors, stomach issues, and increased energy. I have been telling everyone about it.

After reading and studying more on the benefits of coconut oil, I plan to increase the amount that we use daily to get our bodies back to a state of good health.

UPDATE May 13, 2012

I am pleased to inform you that my mom started reading things out loud on the TV this week. Today my brother called to wish her a Happy Mothers Day and Mom actually talked on my cell phone to him. He was pleased that she had a conversation with him. It was a confirmation to him of what I was telling him.

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