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User RedheadMistress writes:

I had bright red hair, dyed it dark to grow out my natural colour and have it blend it, regretted it months later. So a few days ago I decided to bleach all my hair (thinking I will lose half my length to bleach damage). So I drenched my hair in coconut oil before, and wow, my hair does not feel damaged at all. At all! It’s madness. Before I have tried putting conditioner in my hair, some mixed in the bleach to make it less damaging, but nothing worked as well as unrefined coconut oil.

What else is good for protecting your hair before bleaching?

Now I will only need to go roots, but still I will cover the roots in bleach before I use a weak bleach to raise the natural colour a bit . . but wow.

Need to spread the word to all my friends (who change hair colour from week to week, one day green, another day red, another day baby pastel colours) etc hehe .
I can keep my entire length ! This is great news
And my hair feels nicer than before, I never bothered clarifying, think I had a lot of coconut oil build up in my hair . . or when visiting Sweden, the water is better for me than the water in London.

User braidgirl22 replied: “I started using coconut oil on my hair when it was really damaged it helped a lot.”

User afu commented:

I use coconut oil when bleaching too, works wonders!  My hair owes Ktani and her coconut oil advice lot! Wish I’d known about this wonder product when I first started bleaching.

What surprises me is that actual hair professionals don’t know about this brilliant characteristic of coconut. I have my bleach highlights done at the salon and when I turned up with oiled hair my hairdresser didn’t have a clue what i was on about. We need to spread of LHC word!

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