How to Use Coconut Oil in Your Skincare Routine

Coconut oil’s healing, antibacterial, and cleansing properties take on an entirely new personality when used topically, making it the ideal item to add to your skincare and personal grooming regimes.

Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipes with Essential Oils

Making your own coconut oil body butters at home is easier than you might think. You can customize them to suit your own preferences by varying the essential oils you use.

Virgin Coconut Oil Beats Mineral Oil for Skin Health in New Study on Dermatitis

A study published in the Philippines compared the topical effects of virgin coconut oil and mineral oil on 117 children suffering from atopic dermatitis (AD). In this study, coconut oil was the clear winner.

Study: Topical Coconut Mixture a Better Treatment for Wounds and Bacterial Infections

Another study showing the superiority of coconut oil in healing skin problems. This confirms what other studies have found, and what thousands of people have testified to, regarding the ability of coconut oil to heal skin problems when drugs fail.

Homemade Coconut Oil Sunscreen Recipe

Most commercial sunscreens contain a wide variety of toxic ingredients. Make your own sunscreen at home using safe oils, including coconut oil.

Let Food Be Your Cosmetic: Coconut Oil Outperforms Dangerous Petroleum Body Care Products

After many years of misrepresentation, coconut oil has gained acceptance as not just a wholesome food, but as a medicinal agent capable of both nourishing and healing the body in ways that chemicals can not.

Virgin Coconut Oil Bests Mineral Oil for Dermatitis

Virgin coconut oil is superior to mineral oil for lessening both the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in children and senile xerosis in elderly adults.

Kelly Russell, Stylist, Employs Avocado And Coconut Oil For Seriously Glowing Skin

Coconut oil and avocado are a great team when it comes to natural skincare. Stylist, Kelly Russell, employs coconut oil in her daily life and says they leave her skin glowing!

Coconut Oil Baby Care Recipes

Make your own safe, non-toxic baby care products at home using all-natural ingredients, like coconut oil.

Use Oats and Coconut Oil to Rejuvenate your Skin

Commercial skin care products are often full of toxic ingredients that can irritate and harm your skin. Use natural ingredients to help treat your skin in these easy DIY recipes.