Natural Head Lice Treatment with Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

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Natural head lice treatment with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar photo

by Nena Patrick
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Getting lice in the family is truly horrifying & if you don’t get rid of them ASAP, they will get into everything & literally take over. Not fun. The really important thing is to find an effective treatment that doesn”t require putting harsh chemicals onto your head, which then get absorbed into your body. Yuck. So, here is a tried & tested effective remedy to wipe out those critters in one foul swoop!

You will need: A jar of coconut oil & a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

First, rinse your hair with the vinegar, don’t wash it out, leave it in until it dries. The vinegar dissolves the ‘glue’ which sticks the eggs to your hair follicles. When the vinegar has dried, pour coconut oil into your hair, making sure you get complete coverage. Cover your hair with a shower cap or hair wrap & leave it in for the whole day, as it will take a few hours for the coconut oil to smother & kill the lice. Comb your hair to get as many of the eggs & lice out as possible and then shampoo as normal. You only have to do this once, it really works & no chemicals! Oh, & the coconut oil makes your hair beautiful & shiny, so your getting a lush hair treatment at the same time! :)

Original Source.

A study done in 2010 in the UK and reported in the European Journal of Pediatrics tested the effectiveness of a coconut and anise spray against head lice as opposed to permethrin lotion. Permethrin lotion, the most commonly prescribed pediculicide for treating head lice, is reportedly losing its effectiveness in many places around the world in curing head lice. The study found that the coconut and anise spray was “significantly more successful” than the permethin lotion in curing head louse infestation.

Burgess IF, Brunton ER, Burgess NA. “Clinical trial showing superiority of a coconut and anise spray over permethrin 0.43% lotion for head louse infestation” European Journal Pediatrics. 2010 Jan;169(1):55-62

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4 thoughts on “Natural Head Lice Treatment with Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. CC on said:

    This is great! I am so terrify with lice but unfortunately kids do get it. My daughter got it before the weekend, and I started her with over the counter treatment but I just don’t trust it and also the chemical is not good for her. So I use this and just once, she has been lice free for 48 hours. Everyone at home use this with her and we were having a party with the coconut oil. I woke up with beautiful shinning hair! I would like to add three notes, 1. if you have little kids like my son (age 3), he will not let me pour vinegar on his hair, I ending up using a spray bottle and it works very well too, and I can message it all over this hair. 2. Make sure to get metal comb, not plastic, they don’t work. 3. Make sure to comb before washing, it’s amazing EVERYTHING just come right out. Live or dead, those suckers cannot hold on to the oil hair anymore!

  2. Mamato4 on said:

    We’ve been fighting lice in our house for the past 4 weeks. We’ve tried RIT, coconut shampoo infused with tea tree oil, spraying the mattresses, vacuuming till I was blue in the face, we threw out pillows, and then when they came back we started throwing the pillows in the dryer on high heat for 90 minutes at a time. Nothing was working! We tried this tonight, and I have to say that the eggs came out so much easier and we were able to find more dead bugs. I’m hoping that this is our cure!

  3. Paula on said:

    Used this treatment for my 18 month old daughter and it worked so great. It was hard trying to keep a shower cap on but we let in sit the whole day. The lice and eggs came out with ease. No chemicals was the best part!!!

  4. aurora on said:

    was hoping never to have this….. but unfortunately my daughter came home with a head full of lice. I was surprised how many, it was horrifying! Anyway we did the apple-cider and she slept with a shower cap and coconut oil. Combed out all the dead ones and the eggs. So far so good. So happy not to use chemicals.

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