Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in 100 Year Old Woman

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Preparing meals for seniors should include coconut oil.

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In 2010 my mother, then 98 years old, became very depressed after the death of my father and brother.  She was on Lexapro for the depression and It took almost 8 months for her to feel better.  Unfortunately, the experience brought on severe dementia.

She fell and broke her hip January 2011 and recently after her 100th birthday she was hospitalized for gall stones.  Each visit to the hospital increased the symptoms of dementia and delirium.  She seldom had a night of uninterrupted sleep, she repeatedly asked the same questions, she forgot some of the names of her children, she obsessed about a bone growing in her mouth (there was no bone), and the list goes on and on of hallucinations and delusions.

A friend recently emailed me a video of Dr. Newport and her research of coconut oil on Alzheimers.  After viewing it I went out to buy some coconut oil.  I figured if it helps Alzheimer’s patients, it should help someone with dementia.

I started her on 2 tablespoons Saturday, March 31, 2012.  I have seen such an improvement beginning with the first day.  She seldom repeats herself, she loves to listen to music and dance.  She has been remembering her past.  She had not spoken of her past since 2010.  I heard her singing a song she used to sing pre-depression.  Once she goes to bed, she stays there until the morning.  I can tell by the blankets that she had a restful night.  Normally the blankets would be all over the place. One thing that has changed drastically is she is now an early riser.  This is a woman who never wanted to get up earlier than 10 am.  Now she’s up at 7:30 and hungry.

I put the coconut oil in her oatmeal and cook all her meals with it. I am very pleased with the changes in her. Of course at 100 I don’t expect her to suddenly act like a 90 year old.  My mom is a very healthy woman with no serious diseases. I’m so glad to see that now she can have conversations with friends and family.

UPDATE 4/30/2012

It has been 30 days since I started my mom on coconut oil and I am thrilled to say that her dementia has improved so much.  She is a happy happy person now.  She doesn’t want to spend the day sleeping like she did pre-coconut oil.  She is an early riser and is ready for bed by 7:30 – 8:00 pm.

For 20+ years we have been gathering as a family to spend a few hours praying and catching up.  Mom has 3 living sisters and none of them had seen her since our last gathering, March 17, 2012.  We got together in my house on 4-28-12 and everyone was surprised to see how alert mom was.  She remembers her prayers without the use of a book.  She was funny and making jokes like she used to.

I am glad to say that everyone over the age of 70 who was at this gathering has gone out to get some coconut oil.  They were very impressed with the changes they saw in my mother.  As a side note, I have cut back on the amount of coconut oil.  I started her out on 2 tablespoons but found that she had too much energy.  Although mom is healthy and walks ok, at 100 years of age, she is limited in her activity.  She takes 1 tablespoon which is sufficient to see results.  Plus, I cook everything with coconut oil now.  Got rid of all cooking oils, except olive oil and use only coconut oil.  My advise to anyone who has a elderly parent, get them started on coconut oil to keep the dementia at bay.

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13 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in 100 Year Old Woman

  1. julia on said:

    I have been using coconut in all forms in my diet daily ( inc milk and water creamed in cereal, and eating it dry with fruit such as watermelon, and adding it in butter form to curry’s and other cooked dishes ) for hypothyroidism, and it is making a huge difference. My body temperature has gone from 33 degrees C to 36. I’m on a small dose of thyroxine now as well, but I think the coconut made more difference. I also cut wheat out of my diet, which I know has also helped, so the digestive system is working well. I have not put on any weight at all, as coconut is GOOD fat.

  2. Lori on said:

    Does coconut oil in pill form have the same effect? I started my mother and autistic daughter on the pills.

  3. Rebecca Ponder on said:

    Forget grandma..I want some for myself!..Lol!

  4. Rhonda Neal on said:

    I am wondering if the 100 year old lady had been on any dementia medication and if so did she stop taking the meds after the coconut oil. My father in law – 80 – has been on Aricept for dementia for only 3 months and has now had to add on Namenda XR because his confusion and agitation got worse last week. I am definitely going to try coconut oil for him. Just wondering if she is taking medication in addition to the coconut oil?

    • Ray Horvath on said:

      My mother got worse when she took those medications. In fact, if you read the tiny print it tells you that confusion is a common side effect of the medicine. After following the doctor’s order where she only continued to decline, I took her off the meds and found that her anxiety level really diminished. She was still confused, but wasn’t worrying herself sick over it.

    • Kristie on said:

      My Mother’s doctor started her on Aricept at age 82 and it made her much much worse. Aricept can be very bad medicine, I suggest taking your father off it immediately. My Mom is sooo much better without it. It can slow the heart, cause much confusion and made my Mother pass out at times. Hope you can check into this.

  5. Strawberrygirl on said:

    Two years ago my grandmother had to come live with my mom. She was 86 and healthy, but beginning to forget to pay her bills, take her BP meds, wasn’t eating healthy enough. The 1st thing Mom did was take her to the doc for a full check up to see how her overall health was doing. The doc said she had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s and put her on medication for it (sorry, I can’t remember the name of the pills! :/ ) The doc said to try the pills for 6 months. Within a week or so, Grandma became difficult to deal with, didn’t like anything and had trouble remembering the names of close relatives. She was so cranky, wouldn’t eat her food, didn’t like anything. Mom took her back to the doc and the doc said it was the Alzheimer’s getting worse, stay the course and keep her on her meds. Mom did this for two more months, but Grandma was getting worse and more cranky and downright mean. This is when I suggested she start giving her coconut oil daily and get her off whatever those pills were. Mom informed the doc of the plan and, of course, the doc didn’t like it, but said to let her know how it goes. Very soon, days, after getting off those pills she started getting back to where she was when Mom took her in, she was much more pleasant and ate her food without complaining–turns out the pills made her food all taste terrible and caused irritability. After a few weeks of gradually increasing her coconut oil intake and working up to 3 TBS daily, Grandma had improved even beyond where she was when she 1st came to live with Mom. Her memory was improving and her confusion was gone, she was pleasant and happy to be with us, she was a fully functioning 86 year old! Even some of her aches and pains were better! The only two meds she was on were BP and Synthroid, both of which now needed to be lowered, as she just didn’t need them so much anymore! That was two years ago and now, at the age of 88, Grandma is still taking the coconut oil and has not lost one bit of her alertness, memory, or character! Coconut oil gave my Grandma back to us!

    • Erin Kelly on said:

      Thanks for sharing this amazing story. I am so glad your grandmother is doing well. My mom who is 81 has been taking the coconut oil when I can get her to, and I believe it has helped her as well. I take it as well for my achy joints and it has helped that a lot too. It’s hard to see our folks getting older, and especially when their mind starts going. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Jamii Hale on said:

    Wow!!!!! That’s so amazing!!! I’m so happy for this person & their elderly mother. I shall be buying Coconut Oil too!! (-8

  7. pio velasco on said:

    Thanks for a nice article and an inspiring one too. I’Il try coconut oil on my 86 year old mother. .God Bless!

  8. Lucy on said:

    That was a beautiful article!
    Thank you for sharing this story.

    • Admin on said:

      You’re welcome. We just posted an update from a few days ago right after you commented. Coconut Oil seems to be helping many people with dementia!

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