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I have read all these questions and felt I must post about my amazing experience with Virgin Coconut Oil.

I am 35 years old and severely hypothyroid. I was on thyroxine at very high does for 5 years before I started looking for an alternative. My doctor said my levels were alright, however I was still extremely lethargic and suffered from “brain fog”.

I started out taking 2 tablespoons a day and instantly felt the effects. It was so energizing that I couldn’t take it before bed or I wouldn’t sleep.

I upped my dose to around 3 tablespoons, eating it off a spoon, adding it to my coffee (yum!), with jam on toast, baking with it, rubbing it on my skin instead of a moisturizer… even using it as personal lubricant!

After 3 months I went back to the doctor as I was getting night sweats and losing weight. I dropped my medication by 1/2 to support the work the Virgin Coconut Oil was doing.

All the bad side effects were reversed and I’m taking less drugs. I’ve been taking it for over a year now, at times with Apple cider vinegar, and I’ve just started taking fish oils again.

I feel I will take this oil for the rest of my life and I will tell my story to anyone who asks!

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