Tropical Traditions has finished testing all of their coconut oils and coconut products for the presence of the herbicide glyphosate. They now have a system in place to test each batch of coconut oil or coconut products exported from the Philippines for the presence of glyphosate. All of the Tropical Traditions coconut oils and coconut products that have been tested for glyphosate can be found on the Glyphosate-tested page of Healthy Traditions.

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The Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil also carries the “Traditionally Produced” label, since this coconut oil is not mass produced by machine. It is a traditionally produced coconut oil made by hand in small batches, much the same way people in the Philippines have produced it for thousands of years. The small-scale producers of this premium coconut oil use a wet-milling procedure to extract the oil.

Tropical Traditions was the first company to import virgin coconut oil from the Philippines in 2002, and it remains one of the only premium coconut oils in the United States that is still produced using traditional methods, rather than being mass-produced by machine. Learn more here.

Brian Shilhavy is the founder and CEO of Tropical Traditions, and the Editor of Health Impact News (which includes