by Joe S. Comments

We discovered Virgin Coconut oil several years ago.

My teenage daughter had been sick for two weeks and not getting any better.

Finally after several trips to the doctor she was diagnosed with mono (Mononucleosis). We were told there was nothing we could do and just wait it out as it could take weeks or months to clear up.

I went online that night (Friday) and found testimonials regarding coconut oil. Went out the next day and bought some.

By Monday she was feeling better. By Wednesday she felt almost normal.

Friday we went to the doctors and had her re-tested. The mono was gone. They checked her spleen to make sure it wasn’t enlarged (a symptom of mono), and it was normal.

She is a soccer player and was back out to practice by Monday. Truly an amazing turnaround.

We gave her two to three table spoons a day with yogurt. Now we always have a jar of Virgin Coconut Oil in the house, as it has so many benefits.

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