My Personal Experience with Coconut Oil

by Dr. Heather Johnson, D.O.M.

If anyone knows me personally, they know that I, Heather Johnson, absolutely love organic virgin coconut oil. I think its one of the most healthiest things you could feed your body. The components of coconut oil have made many say that it is the closest thing in nature to breast milk.

A lot of people ask me why I take it or how they should take it. I tell them my own story, which is that I started taking coconut oil six years ago to help control my appetite and give me the energy I needed throughout the day. In the beginning I took a tablespoon at a time, but I found that made me experience nausea. I lessened the dosage to a teaspoon in the morning and at night and felt a lot better.

I noticed my energy was a lot better, but I wasn’t loosing weight like my family members that were taking it as well. I researched and read on the Coconut Diet’s forum and in their book Virgin Coconut Oil, that soy sometimes interacts with weight loss. I stopped snacking on soy nuts and drinking soy milk and found myself surprisingly 15 pounds lighter within a month.

In general I take coconut oil to control my blood sugar level so I don’t crave food or am constantly thirsty. I take it twice a day and I also cook with it. A lot or my friends always ask how and what I cook, so I decided to write this article to guide you through some ways you can take the coconut oil besides by the spoonful.

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