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By Renee Osterhouse

In February, 2007, we discovered one of our children had Asperger’s disorder. A blessing in a way; it answered many of the questions we had regarding our child’s behavior. Asperger’s is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This discovery opened a door that is leading our daughter to wellness, a path that has improved the entire family’s health.

Asperger’s disorder is a form of autism. Her list of symptoms went on forever: brain fog, lethargy, sinusitis, headaches, stomach aches, repetitive speech patterns, eyes darting, at times unresponsive, and hearing difficulties. She also had gross and fine motor skill difficulties. The worst though, was the meltdowns. They were like emotional break-downs that she clearly couldn’t control and would occur at least every other day. In trying to establish what was causing her symptoms, we had removed all preservatives and hydrogenated oils. We updated the ducts in our air conditioning and threw out all of our non-stick cookware, in her bedroom was an air purifier, and we started drinking water free of fluoride and chlorine. We avoided refined sugars and artificial coloring as well.

Beginning to scratch the surface of a healthier cleaner life, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We all started taking whole food supplements which became a nutritional anchor for all of us. A few weeks after his last treatment we found out our daughters issues were explained by Asperger’s disorder. What seemed to be blow after blow really pushed us further toward a truly healing way of life. When I started researching ASD it didn’t take long before I learned of gluten and casein and their link to autism. I found the book Feast Without Yeast: 4 Stages to Better Health, by Dr. Bruce Seman and Lori Kornblum and learned more about yeast/candida overpopulations.

I wanted to investigate how to naturally reduce and maintain the level of candida. Already pleased with our success with this dietary intervention, it was difficult to hope our daughter could get much better.  I learned of coconut oil and its healing benefits, as well as its ability to restore balance in the gut by controlling Candida.

With this new information we added 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil to our daughter’s diet. Our dietary intervention program consists of gluten free, casein free, and yeast free, along with avoiding/limiting refined carbohydrates. Within a week we noticed a new level of clarity. It seemed to clear away the rest of the cobwebs. Her speech improved rapidly, her vocabulary skyrocketed, and her physically painful symptoms became intermittent and controllable. Her hearing is normal. She initiates conversations and people are able to engage her in conversations as well. For the first time in her life, she was able to complete homework on her own and was an honor roll student throughout the school year.

Before, when she would read, her eyes would dart all over the page picking up words that were at the bottom and inserting them where they didn’t belong. It naturally wouldn’t make any sense so she would have to re-read each sentence. After two pages she was exhausted and confused. Dietary intervention along with coconut oil has given her a new life. Now, she will read for hours if we let her.


About the Author: Based on the principles she has learned by dealing with her family’s health issues Renee Osterhouse created Nourish to Flourish—a Healthy Home Center. She offers services and support as well as a growing inventory of products and books, including those mentioned above. She invites readers to visit her website at and appreciates any comments.

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