Feel Good Cold Weather Soup with Coconut Oil. Recipe here.

by Catherine Frayne

My book is called ‘Thoughts of Yesterday.’ The reason I gave my book this title is because when Mammy was at her worst with Alzheimer’s, she could still remember her first day at school, but her thoughts of yesterday were gone.  Her condition deteriorated quite rapidly, as we were advised it would.  She had several periods of aggression which proved very difficult to manage and ultimately sedatives were prescribed to ease the symptoms.  She had repeated kidney infections, one of which resulted in her being rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Since taking the coconut oil, she has had NO periods of aggression whatsoever, and her kidney infections have become much less frequent. As a result of this, she has not had any sedatives over the last year, fewer antibiotics and also her blood pressure is perfect.

Overall, her mood has much improved, she engages better in conversation and is very happy in herself.  I have no doubt that if we had not found out about coconut oil, my mother would be in a home by now.  As I said Mammy is 83 and it was late in life when she was diagnosed, to see the light come back into my mother’s eyes has been priceless. Before the coconut oil, we felt that she would no longer be able to go out once a week as she always did, to do some shopping with my father and to collect her pension.  Two years later, and thanks to the coconut oil, she is still shopping once a week and collecting her pension.

Before she began taking the oil I would bring her for lunch, she would eat a big meal and as we would leave the restaurant she would whisper to me ‘Will we go in here now for something to eat?’, my heart would drop as I tried to explain that she had just eaten.  Now I take her for lunch and for the rest of the afternoon she remembers and praises the nice meal she had.  My mother is a remarkable lady born and raised in the West of Ireland in the bleak 1930′s.

I made an appointment for my Mother to be assessed by her Geriatrician four months after she began taking the coconut oil.  I wanted to know if perhaps we were being over optimistic with regard to the improvements we noted. The words of the Geriatrician that day will stay with me forever.

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