Nutritionist Recommends Adding Coconut Oil to Your Coffee or Tea

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coconut oil with coffee

by Heather Fleming
LaJolla Patch

I recently returned from Rancho la Puerta, a beautiful retreat center in Tecate, Mexico. The food is delicious, however, I thought that a few of the patrons and I needed more healthy fat in our diets. We started to add coconut oil in our tea in the morning for added fat for fuel.

In my practice, I have seen coconut oil support everything from eczema to fat loss to thyroid support. Some cultures call the coconut a “functional food” due to the healing capabilities. The saturated fat in coconut is considered a medium-chain fatty acids, which is the fat that is found in breast milk for brain and nervous system development.

The benefits & uses of coconut oil include:

1. Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal: Take a teaspoon in the morning for an immune system booster
2. Enhances cognitive thinking: Take a teaspoon on a day if you have foggy brain or need more mental energy
3. Improves athletic performance: The fatty acids in coconut oil are an energy source for exercise.
4. Supports body fat loss: Yes! Healthy fat can assist your body in releasing adipose fat.
5. Protects & hydrates skin(your largest organ): Add it to your moisturizer and sunscreen
6. Best oil at high heat: Replace your olive oil with coconut oil, due to the fact that it has a higher heat point for cooking.

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About Heather

Heather’s personal inspiration towards helping others live a life of balance and vitality started with a B.S in Nutritional Science, from the University of Nebraska, in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she spent her childhood. She founded the Conscious Nutrition Philosophy in 2007.  Heather is a contributing member to, the Christopher Reeves Foundation, the Price Pottenjer Nutritional Foundation, the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, and WWOOF (the World Wide Organization for Organic Farming).

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