Health Impact News Editor Comments: The research against cholesterol-lowering statin drugs continues to mount, as does the evidence that lowering ones cholesterol via medication has serious side effects, such as Alzheimer’s disease. We have now published over 90 articles on the dangers of statin drugs since Health Impact News started in 2011. There is also a page dedicated to studying the current research on Alzheimer’s and natural solutions such as coconut oil at

by Dr John Briffa 


Many years ago I was having dinner with a friend who was, herself, a young hospital doctor specialising in ‘care of the elderly’ (what used to be called ‘geriatrics’). She worked in a busy department, and lamented the fact that so many elderly people were suffering from what she believed to be the adverse effects of what she termed ‘polypharmacy’ – basically the taking of multiple medications. She told me that when a new patient was admitted to her ward, she would usually stop all medications, and then might re-add them very selectively later. She said the stopping of all medication very commonly led to a significant improvement in the clinical state of her patients (which is why she did it).

This conversation came back to me this week while I was reading a study in which elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s disease had their statin medication stopped for six weeks, and then restarted [1]. The results, in short, showed that during the six weeks when their statins were stopped, the basic brain function of the individuals improved. When the drugs were restarted, brain function got worse again.

I’m pleased to see studies such as this one getting published, as it helps to raise awareness about the damage statins can do. I’ve seen this many times in my patients, and not so long ago I wrote about how it seemed to have affected my own father. He ended up stopping his statins, and felt much better as a result. Neither of us knows whether his improvement was due to the placebo response or not, and neither of us cares either.

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1. Padala KP. Et al. The effect of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on cognition in patients with Alzheimer’s dementia: a prospective withdrawal and rechallenge pilot study. Am J Geriatr Pharmacother 2012;10(5):296-302.


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