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Report No 15 Fall Issue 1997

Reexamining The Disease Model – (HIV=AIDS)

An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci MD (NIAID) calls for NIH/NIAID trials on immune-based therapies

Restoring Natural Killer Cell Function with NK911

A report on Biotic Code 614 by Jesse Stoff MD

Need to talk to someone using immune-based therapies?

HHV-6A impairs antigen presentation

Three important immune function diagnostic tests

Monthly Voice Mail Message updates

To AIDS and back – Marc Correa’s protocol

Letters from Ugandan AIDS patients appeal for help

Low Dose Naltrexone in the treatment of autoimmune disease, by Dr. Bernard Bihari MD

Candida Albicans promote a shift in CD4 cytokine production from TH1 to TH2


Mark Konlee

This is the first issue of Positive Health News where we are attempting to have a direct influence on the policies of the US National Institutes of Health by exercising our fundamental right to freedom of expression. I am referring to our Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID. What we are attempting to do is no different than what AIDS activists have done for years – to petition the US Government to expedite the approval of promising new treatments for AIDS except we are not asking for the expedited approval of more expensive drugs but, rather, expedited trials and studies at the NIH of lower-cost, non-toxic immune-based treatments that will have long-term efficacy, and for some government funding to help pay for these treatments for persons with limited incomes or who are on disability. Ultimately, when these efforts are successful, persons affected by AIDS will have safer and more effective treatments for the long term and the amount of money the US Government spends on AIDS treatments will decline, not increase as it has for the past several years.

No one complains about the high cost of treating AIDS or any other disease if someone else is paying the bills – often insurance companies or US taxpayers. However, the time is overdue when the leaders of this nation need to start looking at AIDS and cancer like NASA has done with its space mission to MARS. They have scrapped the elaborate and expensive plans and they are now accomplishing their space missions faster, cheaper and better. We must now deal with AIDS the same way NASA has done with its recent mission to MARS. We must find treatments that are work better than those presently available and with fewer side effects, help people recover faster and cost less than the present drug therapies. As this epidemic continues, the growing financial strain on the US Government and State Government budgets requires nothing less.

To accomplish all this, we must start again at the beginning and re-examine the disease model that says HIV alone is the sole cause of AIDS and nothing else is involved. It was in 1984 that the Secretary of Health and Human Services stepped up to the microphone and announced to the world that the cause of AIDS had been found – a virus now known as HIV. Since then, billions of dollars have been spent on HIV research and an industry has been built up around this single virus hypothesis.

Concurrent with this was a publication in New York called “The New York Native” that ran for years a series of articles by Neenyah Ostrom that cited scientific research that said essentially that HHV-6, the variant A strain, was the cause of AIDS as well as Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or CFIDS. The New York Native ceased publication in January, 1997.

From my perspective, after examining all the published scientific data, I never felt comfortable having to choose between which virus I thought caused AIDS – HIV OR HHV-6A as the disease progression profiles in AIDS did not fit either virus exclusively but it did in CFIDS for HHV-6A.

It was the research of Sieczkowski and others that the HIV “tat” gene stimulated the replication of HHV-6 that the pieces of the AIDS puzzle have come together like hand and glove. The direct pathological findings of Knox and Carrigan is that the variant A strain of HHV-6 (let’s call it 6A) causes all the cellular destruction to the lymph node tissues as well as to body organs and glands in persons living with AIDS and in every single case of persons deceased from AIDS. It is Knox and Carrigan’s observations that 100%, every single AIDS case where lymph nodes were biopsied, that they found HHV-6A actively replicating and destroying cells that makes the case for 6A’s involvement in AIDS progression so compelling.

Almost equally compelling are the findings of Dr. Patricia Salvato MD of the Houston Immunological Institute who told me two years ago and affirmed again recently that in every long term HIV+ person with intact immune systems, she has never found HHV-6. All these observations can only lead you to one conclusion – that AIDS is the result of an unique inter-relationship between two viruses – HIV PLUS HHV-6A and that these two viruses work synergisticly to destroy the immune system. If you take away HHV-6A, HIV alone does nothing. However, if you take away HIV, HHV-6A alone can still cause some chronic immune dysfunction or CFIDS and make your life miserable for years and years on end. Some persons have had CFIDS for 20 years, ever since receiving the Swine Flu vaccination in 1976, a possible origin of this virus.

All the above observations are why it so critical for the National Institute of Health and NIAID to begin an immediate study of lymph node biopsies of 100 AIDS patients, (not just those with HIV infection who are asymptomatic and have not progressed to AIDS), to ultimately prove or disprove the involvement of a second virus in the disease progression process. If the 100 AIDS patient study is undertaken, I fully expect that they will find the variant A strain of HHV-6 in the lymph nodes of every single person with AIDS that is tested. When this happens, the single virus theory of AIDS, the paradigm upon which all the diagnostics and treatments of the past 13 years have been based, will collapse. In its place will be a corrected disease model and soon to follow will be new diagnostics and treatments directed against both (continued on page 5)

October 15, 1997
Keep Hope Alive
PO Box 27041
West Allis, WI 53227


Dr. Anthony Fauci MD Nat’l Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 31 Center Drive Bldg 31 7A-03 Bethesda, MD 20892-2520

Dear Anthony Fauci MD,

It has been widely believed in both the scientific community and the general public for the past 13 years that AIDS is caused by a single viral agent – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It has been assumed that once the virus (HIV) associated with progression to AIDS was discovered, that there was no need to locate for an active partner or co-factor in the disease progression process. Dr. David Ho, for example, has proposed the “Kitchen Sink Theory” that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by billions of HIV virions infecting and killing off massive quantities of CD4 cells at a rate faster than they can be replaced. Dr. Ho has proposed protease inhibitors in combination with two or more nucleosides to reduce HIV viral loads to non-detectable levels for 3 to 5 years to completely eradicate the HIV virus for the body.

Recently, colored brochures printed and paid for by pharmaceutical companies have called the HIV virus a destructive virus. However, neither the colored brochures nor Dr. David Ho have cited scientific research that HIV is “lytic” to cells. In August, 1997, an article by Rosok et al published in the Proceedings of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences (PNAS, 1997;94:9332-6) found that in tonsillar biopsies that “At the threshold level when only about 1 out of every 100 tonsillar CD4(+) T cells are infected, and only approximately 3 out of every 10,000 tonsillar T cells are active virus producers, the balance between tonsillar CD4 cells lost and replaced is disturbed and the level of tonsillar CD4(+) T cells starts to fall….A direct cytopathic effect by HIV-1 seems insufficient to explain this loss of CD4(+) T cells.”

The theory of Dr. David Ho that CD4’s are being killed enmasse by the cytopathic effects of HIV-1 is not supported by the latest scientific findings. Dr. Ho’s theory cannot be logically supported when only 1 in 100 CD4 cells are infected by HIV and only 3 out of 10,000 are active virus producers.

What I propose is happening to changing CD4 levels in blood plasma is based on the research of Dr. Jay Levy MD and observations of Konstance Knox and Donald Carrigan of lymph node biopsies of AIDS patients and it is based on the observation of CD4 migration and a shifting cytokine profile from TH1 to TH2 and vice-versa.. When the CD4s decrease in the lymph nodes, they do not simply vanish, but migrate to the blood as CD4s producing TH2 type cytokines (IL-4, 5, 6 and 10) that stimulate B cell antibody production. When CD4’s drop in blood plasma, they migrate to the lymph nodes, organs and tissues and produce TH1 type cytokines (IL-2, IL-12 and gamma interferon) that direct CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes to lyse virus infected cells.

The FIRST proposal – testing the theory of CD4 migration. That NIAID/NIH conduct the following proposed study: Quantitate by biopsy the number of CD4s in the lymph nodes and blood simultaneously both before and after triple drug therapy that leads to rapid increases in CD4s in the blood. The expected result is that a rapid increase of CD4s in the blood should be accompanied by a rapid decrease of CD4s in the lymph nodes along with a shift in the types of cytokines produced by the CD4s from TH1 to TH2. It has been observed that with triple combo drug therapy, very large increases of CD4’s in the blood have not always prevented outbreaks of opportunistic infections (O.Is) and drugs to prevent O.I.s are also usually prescribed. There is consensus among immunologists that TH1 CD4s are more effective against HIV and in preventing opportunistic infections than TH2 type CD4s. Should we be concentrating on simply increasing CD4 counts in blood plasma or concentrating on increasing the CD4s that matter – those that produce TH1 type cytokines and help prevent opportunistic infections? Is it not time that NIAID/NIH take a public position that the function of the CD4 cells is more important than the quantity for immune restoration and that we need to start paying attention to the type of cytokines produced by the CD4 cells and stop focusing only on the number of these cells?

The SECOND Proposal is to establish the value of immune function tests as prognostic indicators of who will break or not break with opportunistic infections. That NIAID/NIH do a study to measure in a group of AIDS patients who do not break with O.I.s (asymptomatic) versus a group that breaks with O.Is (symptomatic) to determine if the frequency of opportunistic infections is related to a failure of immune function as determined by the following diagnostic tests:

1. Natural Killer cell function test measured in “lytic” units which test the ability to of NK cells to destroy cancer cells in a lab. 2. MultiTest CMI – Skin tests for Anergy or Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity (DCH) reactions to antigens that also demonstrates the antigen-specific memory of T cells and indicates if antigen presentation is taking place. 3. B and T cell Function – Lymphocyte Proliferation of B cells, CD4 and CD8 cells under mitogen stimulation. 4. CD8 cells – % that are Cytotoxic Lymphocytes Vs the number that are Suppressors. 5. TH1 type cytokines – Interluken II levels, gamma interferon and IL-12 levels.

The above list is a comprehensive panel of immune function tests. Persons with HIV/HHV-6A infection who have normal NK function, DCH, B and T cell function, high levels of CD8 CTLs and normal IL-2 levels should be free of all opportunistic infections including lymphomas and cancers. It is important to remember that in immune based treatments, lower viral loads are the result of improved immune function; lower viral loads are not the cause of improved immune function. In strictly anti-viral therapies, cause and effect are not necessarily interchangeable. i.e. to lower viral load by just any means may not necessarily improve immune function.

The THIRD proposal is to conduct a study using the above 5 immune function tests on persons doing triple drug combination therapy to determine if lower viral loads from drug cocktail therapy alone improves immune function and prevents O.I.s. These immune based diagnostic tests are absolutely necessary to accurately measure the value of protease inhibitors and nucleosides therapy and their effects on immune function. This study can determine the value or lack of value of various triple drug combination therapies in improving immune function. It will determine which combinations have the most therapeutic value in preventing opportunistic infections.

The FOURTH proposal is to do a lymph node biopsy study of 100 persons with AIDS to determine if Human Herpesvirus 6, variant A strain (HHV-6A) is present and actively replication in the lymphoid tissues. Dr. Fauci, this study is urgently needed for several reasons. First, Knox and Carrigan have found in 23 out of 23 (100%) persons living or deceased from AIDS that HHV-6A was actively replicating and destroying lymphoid tissue that is required for filtering viruses out of the blood. Scientific evidence is building world-wide that HHV-6 is not just an opportunistic infection, but an active partner with HIV in ravaging the body’s immune system. This year alone, the number of scientific articles on the role of HHV-6 in AIDS has increased form 195 in February to 224 in August and these are all accessible through AIDSLINE at the National Library of Medicine. Sieczkowski et al have found that the HIV “tat” gene stimulates HHV-6 replication. Also, Dr. Fauci, in the NIH study released in June, 1997, with your name attached that endorsed the use of triple combo drug therapy, it was written that the lymphoid architecture disintegrated in AIDS and no reason for this could be found. Medical researchers Knox and Carrigan have told me personally in July, 1997, that in their studies, they found that all the destruction of the lymphoid tissues in persons with AIDS is caused by HHV-6A. If the NIAID/NIH study confirms the presence of HHV-6A actively replicating and destroying lymphoid tissues in all 100 AIDS patients, then it is important to announce to the world that AIDS is a disease not caused solely by HIV, but rather by a unique interaction between HHV-6A plus HIV; that the HIV “tat” gene acts like gasoline to feed the fires of HHV-6A – the virus that ravages the body’s immune system, glands and organs. ie. AIDS is caused by HIV plus the variant A strain of HHV-6. Except for AIDS and CFIDS, scientific studies worldwide indicate that HHV-6A is not disseminated in the general population. (The variant A strain of HHV-6 is not be to confused with the variant B strain of HHV-6 which is widely disseminated in the general population and, under most conditions, has no cytopathic effects.)

The FIFTH proposal is for NIH/NIAID to immediately set aside funds to test all low-cost non-toxic immune based therapies and anti-virals for the treatment of AIDS. There are 30 million people infected with the AIDS virus or viruses worldwide. We owe it to ourselves to provide leadership and develop a model low-cost treatment program for the US and third world countries. Many options are discussed in this issue of Positive Health News including Lauric acid as a low cost antiviral, low dose Naltrexone and protein immune-modulators from bovine colostrum (Biotic Code 614) to activate NK function and drive antigen presentation. In addition, the NIAID and the NIH should ask Congress to approve up to $500 per month under ADAP and Medicaid to pay for immune based and nutritional therapies and immune function diagnostics for anyone with an AIDS diagnosis. It is not correct to tell persons failing drug therapy that there are no options available. There are at least ten or more immune based options available. I urge you to expeditiously test all of them and to support those that prove efficacious. Thank you for your consideration of these proposals. I also want to add my name in support of these proposals.
Mark Konlee – Editor – Positive Health News

Founder – Keep Hope Alive

I agree and want to add my name in support of these proposals.


Reexamining the disease model (continued from page 2)

viruses and the reconstruction of damaged immune systems. The sooner all these events take place, the better it will be for everyone involved.


1. Make several copies of the enclosed letter to Dr. Fauci. Sign it and send him one copy and also send one to your Congressman, both US Senators and to President Clinton and one to newspaper of your choice. To your Congressman, President Clinton and the two US State Senators, include a handwritten note and ask them to contact the NIH and encourage them to go ahead with the 5 study proposals contained in the letter to Dr. Fauci.

2. Ask them also to sponsor legislation to appropriate funds under ADAP or Medicaid for persons who fail on drug cocktail combinations or anyone with AIDS, who prefers immune based therapies over drug combos, to have up to $500 a month in funding for any prescribed immune based treatment, nutritional therapy and immune based diagnostic tests.

Explain in your words the personal difficulty you are having paying for these treatments with the very limited income you receive on social security or public assistance. Point out that low-cost immune based treatments will reduce the expense of treating persons with AIDS by 80% over existing drug cocktail combinations and will enable the government to help more persons affected by this condition while, at the same time, saving tax dollars.

3. Thank them in advance for their support.

4. Pray for the success of these efforts. Finally, ask local AIDS Service Organizations for their support and ask them to help reprint and distribute the letter to Dr. Fauci for clients to sign and send to Dr. Fauci, President Clinton and members of Congress. The more thousands of letters that are generated throughout the country, the greater will be our chances of success which first requires getting their attention.

Notice to our internet friends: This newsletter is not copyrighted. We need your help in reprinting the letter to Dr. Fauci and sending it to him and to your elected leaders in Washington, DC.

America needs a medical “glasnost”

The U.S. Government Medicaid/Medicare/ADAP policy of only paying for the established “party line” medical diagnostics and treatments and denying financial assistance to persons who want to use immune based diagnostics and treatments only benefits those with patented marketing monopolies and injures poorer people on disability or limited incomes who often cannot afford even low-cost alternative medical treatments out-of-pocket. When the Communist party ran the Soviet Union, everything was controlled by the State. Are things really that much better in the West where the “money power” has controlled the flow of information along with securing “legal monopolies” on diagnostic and medical treatment options?

Today we need a new policy of medical “glasnost” like the political glasnost introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev. We need a transfer of power, from stifling guidelines of those at the top – medical society guidelines, HMO guidelines and US government guidelines, back to physicians and their patients. Except for rare persons in history like Mikhail Gorbachev, seldom do we find that those in control of rule-making will give power back to their subjects.

Some AIDS Service Organizations, funded by pharmaceutical money, have banned this publication from their shelves. How convenient it is for them to stop distribution of this magazine instead of writing a “Dear Editor” letter and addressing some of the hard questions raised herein. Shame on the organizations whose administrators are more interested in protecting their jobs, salaries and pension benefits than they are in serving their own clients.

One thing is certain – the wheels of justice turn slowly, but turn they will. Against all odds, truth, even truth condemned by “majority opinion” has a strange way of prevailing over time.


I deeply appreciate that several readers volunteered to allow their names and phone numbers to be published. Most have faced serious challenges to their immune systems from either HIV + HHV-6A or HHV-6A alone or from other factors and have benefited from using immune based and nutritional therapies along with wholesome diets (avoiding junk foods). Some have also added prescription drugs. I strongly suggest that persons call at reasonable times (day or early evening hours). Dialogue that results in an exchange of information, ideas and experiences benefits everyone. Everyone listed below welcomes phone calls. Please call at reasonable hours.

Marc Correa (CA)- interviewed in our last newsletter and again in this one. See address in article.

Jerry (ID) 208-378-8145 reports he is doing very well using Naltrexone, Beta 1, 3 Glucan, raw vegetable juices, cayenne, coconut oil, Colostrum and rotates herbal antivirals every 30 days. Uses Bactrim.

Joe (NC) 704-253-1557 uses NK911, coconut oil, Larreastat, Beta 1, 3 Glucan, castor oil packs.

Robert M (NY) 718-236-2191 – uses NK911, coconut oil, Complete Thymic Formula, the protease inhibitor (Viracept) and ionic trace minerals.

Bob (FL)- raised his WBC’s to 9300 and lymphocytes to 41% with “Marrow Plus” and “Bio-Pro Thymic Protein A.” 305-595-9237.

Matt (CA) 707-585-6899 – Naltrexone, Beta Glucan, RyVital, garlic/herbs – symptom-free 12 yrs. Welcomes anyone to call him.

Jim Prentice (WI) using DNCB, Bio Pro Thymic Protein A, Antigen-Specific Transfer factor, Beta 1, 3 Glucan, DHEA, Sublingual B-12, coconut oil, Larreastat, Designer Protein and other nutritional therapies. Reversed wasting. Claims he has never felt better. (phone # withheld by editor on 1/2/98 due a disagreement on the disease model and some treatment options that occured in December, 1997)

Allene Wahl – has immune dysfunction from environmental causes and founded the Int’l Center for Chemical Induced Immune Disorders. 847-678-5934.

Elizabeth Nagle (TX) Candida Research FDN. Recently sent me a scientific article that found in persons with candidiasis, there is a shift in the CD4s from TH1 to TH2 type cytokines, a similar pattern is found in AIDS, CFIDS and cancer. 409-694-8687.

Sandy (had CFIDS – is now in remission). Uses Naltrexone, olive leaf extract, RyVital, lemon/olive drink and Beta Glucan. Recently tested negative for HHV-6A with Rapid Culture Assay. 607-569-3111.

Restoring Natural Killer Cell Function with NK911

Biotic Code products to activate Natural Killer (NK) cell function were originally developed by Dr. Stanley Olsztyn back in the late 1970’s. Dr. Olsztyn was interested in developing a product that would stimulate the immune system to successfully fight off bacterial infections that were resistant to antibiotics. Dr. Olsztyn has successfully developed a transfer factor that rapidly stimulates Natural Killer cell function. Dr. Jesse Stoff MD of Tucson, AZ writes the following about Biotic Code 614.

“Like all T-cells, NK cells are trained to recognize one specific enemy, such as a virus infected cell or cancer cell… The NK cells are lethal. When they attach to a target cell, a biochemical cascade is triggered that punctuates the cell membrane this killing the hapless bacterium, virus infected cell or cancer cell. They are a critical line of defense and often our only line of defense in cases of HIV, EBV or CMV infection….Chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies and exposure to toxins can all suppress our NK cells leaving us more vulnerable to infection or cancer. Happily, there is now a safe and effective way to stimulate your NK cells – with transfer factor. Transfer factor products, Biotic Code NK Daily and Biotic Code NK911 are produced from cows that have been immunologically stimulated…When the cow has a calf the first flow of milk, the Colostrum, is collected and the transfer factor molecules are extracted from it. Since none of the Colostrum or milk proteins remain, these products are safe even for people with a dairy allergy.”

Biotic Code 614 significantly increased NK function in two weeks in 5 patients

In 1996, Biotic Code commissioned an independent medical research laboratory, Immunosciences Labs of Berkeley, CA, to test the effects of Biotic Code 614 on the enhancement of NK activity. A series of evaluations were performed on 5 test patients. After as little as two weeks, NK cell activity had more than doubled in every single test patient, without exception.

A NK function test measures the ability of NK cells to kill or lyse cancer cells in a lab. The ability to lyse cancer cells is measured in “lytic” units. NK cells destroy malignant cells, viruses, parasites, fungi and bacterial infections. Unlike other types of white blood cells, NK cells do not need to hold a conference with the CD4 cells before deciding what to do. NK cells have an innate knowledge that tells them what is foreign from what is self. What is not self is the enemy. You could say that a functional NK cell is policeman, judge, jury and executioner – all in one. This makes the NK cells so valuable in conditions of chronic infection when the rest of the immune system may confused about what to do (anergic).

The 5 test cases involved 3 women and 2 men. They were given 2 capsules of Biotic Code 614 daily for 2 weeks. Natural Killer (NK) cell function was measured before and after the trial period. The following is a summary of the results.

1. 45 yr. old women with liver dysfunction. Symptoms: fatigue, mood swings, erratic behavior. Before Biotic Code 614 (BC 614) – NK function 2.59. Two weeks after using BC 614 – NK function increased to 6.55

2. 30 yr. old women with severe immune system dysfunction. Symptoms: severe fatigue, headaches, mood swings. Before BC 614 – NK function was 1.40. 2 weeks later, NK function was 19.25

3. 25 yr. old women with lymphoma. Before BC 614, NK function was 3.83. 2 weeks after BC 614, NK function was 8.22.

4. 30 yr. old man with severe seasonal allergies: Symptoms: nasal congestion, sneezing, headaches. Before BC 614 – NK function was 15.96. 2 weeks after BC 614, NK function was 100.

5. 40 yr. old man with generally good health. Before BC 614, NK function was 8.72. 2 weeks after BC 614, NK function was 14.83.

The average NK function for all five test patients started at a baseline of 6.5 “lytic” units. After 2 weeks of using Biotic Code 614, the average NK function increased to 51.73 “lytic” units or approximately an average 8 fold increase in Natural Killer cell function.


“I work with people with AIDS, cancer, auto-immune diseases and the like, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, the whole nine yards. The one thing they all have in common is their immune system has totally gone askew…When I was practicing in Massachusetts, Biotic Code under a different name was available on a very limited basis. I was able to use it on my AIDS patients and found it really decreased the frequency of their bacterial infections…It is very very helpful in controlling chronic and recurring bacterial infections..I find it to be very safe, I use it with children all the time…I find that the need for antibiotics in my AIDS patients has dropped tremendously by using Biotic Code. The way I would start someone is with one capsule of NK911 three times a day. If they have an intercurrent infection, bronchitis, sinusitis, something of this sort, I tell them to basically “kill” the bottle over the next three days -. Take 5 capsules two or three times a day and, if it is a bacterial infection, it will wipe it out very, very quickly.”

The Stoff Report lists the results of 46 patients using Biotic Code 614 on a wide range of conditions including AIDS, CFIDS and various forms of cancer. Here are a few cases as reported in The Stoff Report.

1. Linda H. 36 yrs old – CFIDS – HHV-6 infection. NK findings – 18 lytic units on 6-15-92. On 8-24-93, they increased to 187. On 1-15-94, NK function further increased to 225.

Commentary for Dr. Stoff: “Her CFIDS was caused by HHV-6. As her NK function went up her HHV-6 titers went down until it went into full remission. Her debilitating symptoms of severe fatigue, myalgias, dyplagia and insomnia also completely resolved.”

2. Jeff G. 50 yrs of age. AIDS NK findings – 1 lytic unit on 12-10-94 and HIV PCR Quant of 559,762. On 12-2-95, his NK lytic units increased to 68 and HIV PCR Quant decreased to 919.

Commentary: “Jeff continues to do well and has not suffered any more intercurrent or opportunistic infections.”

3. Edmund J. 78 years of age. Prostate Cancer-metastic NK findings – 3 lytic units on 11-5-96 with a PSA of 1,100. By 1-8-97, NK function had increased to 419 and PSA dropped to 2.2.

Commentary: “Edmund is clinically is remission, all his bone lesions are healing well. His pain is gone and his sense of well being has returned.”

4. Kathleen P. 58 yrs of age. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. NK findings – 0 lytic units on 8-12-94. On 11-24-94, lytic units increased to 27. On 1-8-95, NK lytic units increased to 109 and on 4-10-95, lytic units increased to 315.

Commentary: “Her CCl stabilized and remains dormant to date. Her swollen lymph nodes, liver and spleen have disappeared as have her night sweats.”

5. George P. 38 yrs of age. Chronic Mycoplasma infection. NK findings – 4 lytic units on 5-17-95. On 5-22-97, his lytic units increased to 185.

Commentary: “As his immune system slowly improved, his frequent episodes of sore throats, swollen glands and fevers subsided. He hasn’t has a respiratory tract infection in seven months. His energy has returned to normal and he has no other complaints.”

Other cases reported by Dr. Stoff include autoimmune thyroiditis, Candidiasis, Myelodysplasia, Colitis, EBV infection, leaky gut syndrome, lymphoma (non-Hodgkin), CMV infection, carcinoma, HSV-II infection, Bladder cancer, T-cell leukemia, Colon cancer, severe multiple allergies, ovarian cancer and several cases of chronic fatigue syndrome. In all 46 cases, NK function improved and symptoms either partially or completely resolved. For a copy of The Stoff Report on Biotic Code 614 (30 pages), Send $3.00 to Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 27041, West Allis, WI 53227.

Where to obtain a NK Function Test

A very accurate NK Function test is available through S.W. Immunotoxicology Labs in Tucson, AZ. 602-451-6533. Ask for Dr. Dean Friesen. Immunosciences Labs in Beverly Hills, CA also provides NK Function Tests. HOW TO USE NK911 (BIOTIC CODE 614) Dr. Stoff has recommended Biotic Code 614 to many of his patients. Because NK911 also has Echinacea added, it recommended to be used only 3 days per week to improve NK function and cell-mediated immunity. NK911 may be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Do not take with hot liquids. Persons immune compromised would do better starting with either the high intensity dose or the medium intensity dose until their health stabilizes.

High Intensity-NK911. This is the protocol to follow for anyone with serious active infections. Suggested dose for persons with symptoms (Symptomatic): Take 3 or 4 capsules 3 times a day for the first day. Second day – 3 capsules 3 times a day; Third day – take 3 capsules 3 times a day. Then skip 4 days and repeat the same schedule the next week if symptoms persist. When infection is gone, you may reduce dosage to medium intensity level or use as directed by your health care professional. One bottle lasts about 3 days. It is advised against using less than the medium intensity dose until NK function is over 50 lytic units. When it is a matter of life or death, take one Antigen-Specific Transfer Factor (TF) twice daily for 20 days. Also take the NK911 at the high intensity dose for 7 days straight or longer, if necessary, until the infection is gone. For double effectiveness, also take 1 teaspoon of Colloidal Silver (200 PPM) 3 times a day in water to directly attack the infection but taper off this dose after two weeks and discontinue it when the infection is in remission. The Colloidal silver will not restore a functional immune system but it will directly attack most active infections. One person with AIDS had swollen lymph nodes caused by a MAC infection. He told me they returned to normal size in 7 days with colloidal silver – 3 tsps daily at 200 ppm. He has since added the NK911 as his last lab test showed his NK function was only 4 lytic units. When active infections are present, you may also need to induce a low grade fever if this does not happen naturally in the first 24 hours of using the transfer factor combination. To help induce a fever, add the following – 1/2 tsp of Tabasco Sauce in a glass of water or low sodium V8 Juice 3 times a day or 3 cayenne caps 3 times a day. Body temperature should quickly rise to 98.6° F. You can further increase body heat by eating Chili, Miso soup with Wakame and making meals with curry paste or curcurim. You need increased body heat to activate the infection fighting white blood cells. It is very difficult to get rid of a chronic infection if your body temperature is below normal. Stimulating a low grade fever is necessary to activate an effective immune response against infections as the fever drives antigen presentation.

Note on Colloidal Silver. Do not use it on a continuous basis – use it intermittently when needed. We do not know the long term effects of taking colloidal silver continuously in high doses. Once your NK function is over 100 “lytic” units (LU), it should be a rare occasion when you need to use colloidal silver or antibiotics. Ideally, the NK function should be over 200 lytic units.

Medium Intensity-NK911. Suggested dosage based on a Natural Killer Cell function test. NK function tests are based on “lytic” units. If NK ‘lytic” units are less than 100, take 3 capsules daily for three days per week and skip the next 4 days and repeat the cycle next week and until NK lytic units are 100 or higher, then reduce the dosage. 30 caps lasts 3 weeks.

Low Intensity- Suggested dosage (NK911): For persons without symptoms (Asymptomatic): One capsule twice a day for two consecutive days per week. Example: Take 2 capsules daily on Monday and Tuesday and skip the next 5 days. Repeat the same schedule next and every succeeding week.

Questions and Answers

Q: How can I find out if NK911 is helping to improve my immune system?

A: Ask your physician to order an “Natural Killer Cell Function Test.” A NK Function test is measured in “Lytic” units expressed as “LU” on Lab results. By ordering a Natural Killer (NK) Function Test every 2 or 3 months, you can monitor your progress in improving Natural Killer Cell function. Other products that have shown a good track record in improving NK function are garlic and the prescription drug, “Naltrexone” taken once daily in a 3 mg dose capsule in the evening. All three methods of stimulating Natural Killer Cell function may be used together to attain faster results. A goal is to try to get your NK function up to 50 or more “lytic” units as quickly as possible. After that, you may reduce the amount you use to a “medium intensity” dose but do not stop until “lytic” units are over 100 or higher.

Note: A Natural Killer Cell Count is not the same as a Natural Killer Cell Function Test. These are two different tests. NK counts below 100 are low. Ideally, they should be in the 150 to 300 per cubic millimeter of blood.

Q: What is the average NK function count in the general population?

A: The reference range is from 20 to 250 “lytic” units. In the general population, the average count is about 150 lytic units (LU). Q; What is a lytic unit?

A: “Lytic” comes from the word “lyse” which means to break up or disintegrate. An NK function test measures the ability of Natural Killer cells to lyse or destroy cancer cells in a laboratory. If the patients NK cells were not able to destroy any cancer cells, the NK function would be “0” lytic units. The higher the “lytic” unit count means that more cancer cells were lysed or destroyed by the NK cells. There are cases where cancer patients have had high Natural Killer cell counts, but no function – the NK cells were not able to destroy any cancer cells. The higher the NK “lytic” count means that your NK cells are more effective in protecting you against viral and bacterial infections as well as cancer.

Q: Should I use NK Daily or NK911?

A: Biotic Code 614 comes in two products – NK911 and NK Daily. The NK Daily has 50 mg of Biotic Code 614 per capsule and 60 capsules per bottle. NK Daily also has a small amount of vitamins and minerals added. NK911 has 200 mg of Biotic Code 614 per capsule and there are 30 capsules per bottle. One bottle of NK911 has 6000 mg of Biotic Code 614 whereas one bottle of NK Daily has 3000 mg of BC 614. This makes the NK911 the better buy for Biotic Code 614 as the retail cost for either product is $45 per bottle. A third product made by Biotic Code is called Allerforce. I personally found it effective against a mild case of asthma I developed this summer due to an allergy to a puppy I had recently acquired. These are the only 3 products currently made by Biotic Code (distributed through S.E.A.) However, because NK911 contains Echinacea, I am recommending that it be used only 3 days per week to avoid having the Echinacea stimulate a TH2 CD4 type cytokine response unless you have life threatening infections, then use it daily until the infections are gone. See instructions under “High Intensity” use.

Q: Where can I buy NK911 and save money if I decide to use it on a regular basis?

A: Ask the person from whom you purchased NK911 for a Application Form to become a “Preferred Customer” or “Distributor.” This will enable you to save about 25% on future purchases by buying direct from the wholesale distributor. NK911 is available through – PH Products, PO Box 395, Thiensville, WI 53092 414-242-5650 or Mike Davis, Ndvrs, 1161 Cherry St “B” San Carlos, CA 94070 Ph # 650-654-1795 or NOVUS Research 745 N Gilbert #124-223, Gilbert, AZ 85234 800-244-2438 Fax 602-497-5454 or through local distributors in your area.

Q: How Does NK911 with Biotic Code 614 compare to Antigen-Specific Transfer Factor or Colostrum?

A: There is good lab data on improving Natural Killer Cell Function with NK911 and we have had several reports of Antigen-Specific Transfer Factor restoring DCH responses with MultiTest CMI. Regarding Antigen-Specific Transfer Factor, the suggested dose on the bottle of 10 capsules once every 3 months is not sufficient for someone under constant challenge with viremia. A better dosage schedule for persons with HIV/HHV-6 or AIDS is to take 2 capsules daily for 20 days or until the bottle is empty, then to switch to NK911. Persons with CFIDS, Candisiasis or Cancer can start directly on NK911 to improve their NK function and immune defenses.

Regular Colostrum contains transfer factor but not from cows immunologically stimulated to produce a transfer factor intended to stimulate a specific immune response such as sensitization to a specific antigen or the activation of Natural Killer cell function. It is estimated that less than 1% of Colostrum is transfer factor. If the Colostrum is heat treated, it will destroy the transfer factor. There is a lack of laboratory data on most brands of Colostrum to determine if they will activate NK function. In regards to transfer factor, manufacturing methods vary and not every manufacturer knows how to make an effective product. The proof is in the lab results. If the manufacturer will not provide lab test results for the specific immunological effects for which the transfer factor was manufactured, the buyer should be cautious.

Persons immune-compromised can expect flu-like symptoms (low grade fevers-aching muscles) for the first few days they initially use transfer factor. An outbreak of the common cold is also frequently observed when cell mediated immunity(CMI) improves and is considered a good sign. Normally, persons with AIDS, CFIDS and cancer do not catch colds because of an over active humoral (antibody) immunity(TH2 CD4’s), low CMI and NK function.

Q: Can HIV and HHV-6A be completely eradicated from the body by activating Natural Killer cell function to its highest possible level?

A: In theory, it may be possible. No has ever tried to accomplish this as most of the public’s attention has been focused in other directions – CD4 counts and HIV viral load. No one with AIDS has ever tried increasing the NK function to 300 or 400 lytic units. With a bigger army of functional NK cells, it is possible in theory to completely eradicate both HIV and HHV-6A from the body. It remains to be seen if this can be accomplished over a 1 or 2 year period. Besides NK function, we must not forget the value of the CD8 Cytotoxic Lymphocytes. They also kill virus infected cells. If the CD8’s can be shifted from the “Suppressor” mode to the “Cytotoxic” mode, they will also help hunt down and destroy virus infected cells. However, that shift, depends on stimulating the CD4 cells to produce more TH1 type cytokines (IL-2, IL-12 and gamma interferon) and less TH2 type cytokines (IL-4, 5, 6 and 10).

Q: What causes CD4’s to shift from the more effective TH1 mode to the less effective TH2 mode?

A: Any substance that promotes an antibody response or suppresses a cell-mediated immune (CMI) response will promote a shift from TH1 to TH2. When the patient has a lot of toxins and foreign proteins in the blood, it will keep stimulating the CD4’s to produce more TH2 type cytokines to stimulate the B cells to produce more antibodies directed against these foreign proteins and toxins. Sometimes, the body will produce enzymes to break down foreign substances.

The following list combines a number of factors reported in an article written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD along with some of my own observations. Factors that suppress NK function and CMI and promote a TH2 shift in the CD4’s (antibody response) are:

1. Heavy metals, especially Lead, Mercury, Nickel and Cadmium and even aluminum. Use an aluminum-free Baking powder from your health food store.

Treatment for heavy metals: Milk, pectin (green apples and cranberries), EDTA chelation, DETOXOSODE for Metals and the whole lemon olive oil drink. Avoid tuna fish which is high in mercury.

2. Stress (lost loves, friends or too many debts). Anything that causes worry and fear. Try self hypnosis for deep relaxation or listen to soft soothing music or the sound of rain drops or a water falls.

3. Cortisol, Corticosteroids, Cortisone and Prednisone. Note; DHEA and coconut oil depress excess cortisol levels as does the drug “Anticort.” Weight lifting is not recommended as it stimulates increases in cortisol levels from the rupture of muscle tissue. Better to do aeorobic exercise that increases endorphin levels (dancing, basketball, racketball, jumping on a trampoline, even walking – any exercise that stimulates lymphatic drainage and induces sweating).

4. Protease Inhibitors combined with AZT or DDI may increase cortisol levels. Especially alarming is when fat rapidly increases in the abdomen area (crix belly) Some other prescription drugs like steroids also have this effect. (This paragraph was updated/corrected on 2/12/98)

5. Steroids to increase muscle mass. Beware of many weight gain supplement – even those sold in health food stores with steroid like components. Use cold processed whey proteins only like Opti-immune, Designer protein or Immunocal.

6. Diets high in hydrogenated fats and trans-fatty acids (from Canola oil and most liquid vegetable oils used for high temperature frying or baking)

7. Any infection that is lytic to cells (destroys or damages them). such as HHV-6A that is found in all cases of AIDS and most CFIDS. Damage to cells stimulates cortisol production as does trauma, injury or burns. HIV alone (without HHV-6A) does not damage cells and does not suppress NK function. HIV’s role in AIDS in indirect, it stimulates HHV-6A replication through the HIV “tat” gene. It is the HHV-6A that ravages the immune system, body organs and tissues. In AIDS, the HIV “tat” gene is like gasoline and HHV-6A is the fire. In CFIDS, the fire burns more slowly (without HIV) allowing them to live longer but making their life miserable with chronic immune dysfunction.

8. Recreational drugs like amyl nitrate, cocaine, crack, heroin and marijuana strongly suppress CMI and DTH skin responses. Smoking tobacco can mildly depresses CMI and is dose dependent. The more your smoke, the more you will depress your NK function and CMI as well as deplete Vitamin C reserves.

9. Anesthetics, antibiotics, tranquilizers and transfusions.

10. Malnutrition and malabsorption. Junk foods, especially sweets (candy bars, cakes, cookies, canned soda etc.)

11. Parasites and mycotoxins. Any infection that damages cells.

12. Anal sex. Absorption of sperm in the colon of a person with leaky gut syndrome produces circulating immune complexes that stimulates antibody production. If the colon is not compromised by Candida or other infections, the formation of these immune complexes is not likely to occur. Leaky gut syndrome literally means small holes in the gut and intestinal lining that allows foreign proteins to be absorbed into the blood. Periodic fasting or taking Pancreatin (pancreatic enzymes) can help break up these immune complexes. After successful treatment of the infection in the gut, leaky guts can be healed with aloe vera juice, cabbage juice, cooked squash, buttermilk, raw vegetable juices or supplements like MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), a bioactive form of sulfur found in raw living foods.

13. Pesticides, chemical additives and electro-magnetic pollution (TV and Radio broadcast stations and cellular phones). Even sodium fluoride, an enzyme inhibitor, and chlorine found in public drinking water mildly suppresses CMI. Liquids stored in plastic bottles absorb hydrocarbons that have an estrogen stimulating effect or acids in soda in aluminum cans dissolve some of the aluminum and also mildly depresses CMI. Also leaky silicone breast implants and formaldehyde fumes from new carpeting.

This list is not complete and includes any other environmental toxin absorbed in the body. Since one in three Americans develop cancer sometime in their lifetime, we can assume that one third of the American people also have a failure of Natural Killer cell function at some point in their life. Accumulative exposure to multiple toxins in our environment is probably the number one cause of a failure of NK cell function and cell mediated immunity (CMI) in the general population.


A study published in the German Medical Journal “Deutsche Zeitshrift” in Oct, 1989 by T.H. Abdullad, D.V. Kirkpatrick and J. Carter, reports on the results of 7 AIDS patients taking 5 grams of garlic daily as an aged extract, similar to Kyolic garlic. They said that 6 of the 7 patients had normal NK cell activity after 6 weeks and that all had normal NK activity after 12 weeks. Five of the 7 had significant improvements in their T4/T8 ratios after 12 weeks with 3 returning to normal reference ranges of 1.0 or higher. They also reported a lessening of diarrhea in one patient with Cryptosporidia, fewer outbreaks of Herpes, Thrush, Candidiasis and Sinus infections.

KHA recommends 5 grams of garlic to be taken daily, either raw or in the form of an aged garlic like Kyolic. If raw garlic does not cause intestinal distress, it is recommended. Never eat it straight, but with something like a salad or on rye crisp. Eight capsules of the Kyolic brand of garlic taken twice a day gives you about 5 grams. For enhancement of NK cell function, an aged garlic like Kyolic works as well as fresh raw garlic and is not socially objectionable. However, as an natural antibiotic, raw garlic is the most effective.

Garlic’s enhancement of natural killer cells make it a very important supplement for persons with AIDS and CFIDS. Garlic’s effect on CD8 cells is unknown at this time. Kyolic Formula 100 in the 200 capsule size bottle is the best buy for the money. There are cheaper brands of garlic available, but I don’t know if I believe in their efficacy or their claims. Raw garlic is even more effective than aged garlic extract in killing fungal and bacterial infections and it also activates NK function. However, persons with sensitive intestinal linings may find it too harsh. The best way to eat raw garlic is with rye crisp or bread to buffer the sulfur based compounds it contains. Suggested dose: 3 or 4 cloves daily. Note: A clove is a garlic toe, not the whole bulb. Parsley eaten with garlic inactivates some of the odor without lessening its benefits.


Dr. Gregg Coodley, MD, speaking at the Third Int’l Conference on Nutrition and AIDS in Philadelphia, PA, Oct, 1994:

“Vitamin B-12 deficiency is a causative factor in Neuropathy, Anemia, Encephalatrophy and cognitive dysfunction…intrinsic factor is needed to absorb B-12….Vitamin B-6 deficiency decreases NK cell activity….Vitamin A deficiency increases the rate of infection…In a study in Africa on 300 pregnant mothers deficient in Vitamin A, the rate of transmission of HIV to their babies was 32%….in a group supplemented with Vitamin A, the rate of transmission was 7%….Vitamin A more favorably reduced HIV transmission than AZT….deficiencies of selenium have been linked to lower T cell counts….Beta-carotene in one study on 21 patients boosted CD4 (T4) counts, WBC counts and increased NK cells compared to a control group…the dosage used was 50 mg twice a day….beta-carotene is one of 600 carotinoids that exist in highly pigmented (colored) vegetables and fruits….breakdown of skin blamed on a deficiency of Vitamin A and C.”


Drug cocktail combinations only treat HIV and do not destroy the primary virus (HHV-6A) that causes direct damage to some subsets of white blood cells, body organs, lymph nodes and tissues. However, because of one published report in Project Inform’s newsletter that 9 out of 36 persons on protease inhibitor/drug cocktails had the restoration of DCH skin responses to antigen challenge, I can estimate that about 25% of the PWAs on these combinations are seeing, at least, a short term improvement in immune function and this is reducing the death rate, now estimated by the CDC at 26%. This improvement is probably due to reduced HIV viral load that reduces the quantity of the HIV “tat” gene. Since the HIV “Tat” gene stimulates HHV-6A activity, less HIV viral load translates into less HHV-6A replication. However, the down side for the 75% who are not getting the benefits of improved immune function from the drug cocktails is probably due to a failure to treat HHV-6A infection as well as to the side effects of the drugs themselves that are causing the CD4s to produce more TH2 type cytokines. The immune system attempts to clear the drugs and other toxins from the blood by producing antibodies and enzymes – thus keeping the CD4s’ primed in a TH2 mode. Once locked into the TH2 mode, restoration of NK function, DCH or DTH and CD8 cytotoxic activity will be very difficult to achieve.

PWAs with the biggest increases in CD4 counts in the blood are the most likely to have a cascade of opportunistic infections. The big increases in CD4 counts in the blood is often caused by a migration of TH1 type CD4’s from the lymph nodes and tissues back into the blood where they produce predominately TH2 cytokines. TH2 cytokines only stimulate more B cell antibody production that is not effective against AIDS-related opportunistic infections, lymphomas and cancers.


Healing begins with detoxification of the body. The daily use of the whole lemon/olive oil drink, coffee retention enemas and raw vegetable juices will get you off to a fast start. Organically grown foods are preferred, if available. Treatments to remove heavy metals like lead from the body will improve CMI. Stopping the use of immuno-suppressive drugs is essential for long term recovery from AIDS. Once the body is detoxified, there will be a natural shift in the CD4s to produce the more effective TH1 type cytokines – IL-2, IL-12 and gamma interferon and thus stimulate CD8 CTL and NK activity against virus-infected cells and cancer cells. With detoxification, the use of immune based supplements like NK911, Naltrexone, Garlic, beta 1, 3 glucan, thymic factors and DNCB will be far more effective than by simply using these treatments in a toxic body. Even in a toxic body, these immune based treatments are still very helpful, but why do half the job. Why not experience a complete healing?

Find an Immunologist and a Nutritionist

Never ask an I.D. (infectious disease) physician for advice in areas in which he is not trained – immunology and nutrition. I.D. physicians spend too much time listening to the Pharmaceutical salesmen and not enough time reading scientific journals. Find an Immunologist and consider him or her your primary physician. Look in your local Yellow Pages phone directory under “Immunology” to find a medical doctor who has training in the arena of immune function and nutrition. In other words, interview the doctor, before you let him examine you. “Hey, Doc, what training or education have you had in immunology and nutrition?”

We have a list of physicians who have purchased this book and will provide anyone who writes to us with a list of local names and addresses on request.


Antigen Presentation is the first event that must occur before the immune system can mount an effective attack against any invading organism. An antigen presented to a CD4 cell could be a particular foreign protein that is part of a virus such as P24, a key viral protein for HIV or a viral protein on HHV-6. The CD4 cells looks at the antigen and decides if it is friend or foe (self or non-self). Antigen presentation is done by Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs). These include Dendritic cells primarily and also monocytes and macrophages. If the CD4 recognizes the antigen is from a friend (self) it signals the APC to let it go. If it is an alien (non-self), it signals a cell-mediated immune (C.M.I.)response (to kill the infected cell) or a humoral (antibody) response. These conferences between CD4s and APCs are usually done in the lymph nodes (the Courthouse). Antigen Presenting Cells are like Policemen picking up prisoners (viruses etc) and the CD4s are like the judges. CD4s either signal the APCs to let their prisoners go or execute them and other look-a-like viruses.

According to researchers Donald Carrigan and Konstance Knox, the Dendritic cells carry a heavy viral burden of HHV-6A. The Dendritic Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs) present antigen (a foreign invader or substance) to the CD4 cells who either signal the B cells to produce antibodies (A TH2 CD4 type response) or signals the CD8 CTLs to kill the infected cells (A TH1 CD4 type response). Donald Carrigan has pointed out, “Without the dendritic antigen presenting cells, the CD4s don’t know what to do.” Monocytes and Macrophages also present antigen, but both of these subsets of white blood cells are also infected by HHV-6A and their ability to present antigen is also impaired.

HHV-6A may cause AIDS and CFIDS by impairing antigen presentation and this could be caused by a gene that is unique to the variant A strain of HHV-6. In AIDS, the disease progression moves faster due to the HIV “tat gene” that acts like fertilizer to stimulate HHV-6A replication. In AIDS, you could also say that HHV-6A is the fire and HIV is the gasoline. In CFIDS, the fire burns slower.


The Three most important Lab diagnostic tests for immune function.

The top three tests to measure immune function are 1. MultiTest CMI 2. Natural Killer Cell Function and 3. T cell and B cell function (Lymphocyte Mitogen Proliferation Analysis). The bottom line is that if have nearly normal values in all three tests and maintain those values, you do not need to use prophylasis to prevent O.I.’s and you will not break with O.I.s and you will not die from AIDS. The protection against O.I.s will be available to persons regardless of whether their CD4 counts are below 200 or the HIV viral load counts are over 10,000. This is because these three immune function tests are direct markers of immune function, not surrogate or indirect markers as are CD4 counts and HIV viral load.

There are no controlled scientific studies to indicate that anti-viral therapy alone that reduces HIV viral load to non-detectable levels and increases CD4 counts above 200 will prevent opportunistic infections. Only one small study (36 patients) published in Project Inform’s newsletter around Feb., 1997, indicated that protease inhibitor/drug cocktail combos restored DCH skin responses (MultiTest or a similar test) in 25% of the patients on these combinations for 3 months. While this study indicates that 25% had an improvement in immune function (DCH), 75% did not. The 25% that had an improvement in DCH or immune function correlates more closely with the 26% reduction in the US death rate from AIDS reported by the CDC for 1996. An estimated 75% of those using these cocktails have profound reductions in HIV viral load and increases in CD4 counts. If “improvements” in these numbers correlated with improved immune function, then the death rate should have declined by 75%. It has not. So why are we paying so much attention to CD4 counts and HIV viral load if “improvements” in these numbers are not correlating with the prevention of O.I.s and death from AIDS? Why are physicians who prescribe drug cocktails also aggressively prescribing drugs to prevent O.I’s like PCP and MAC? Why? Because their patients would break with opportunistic infections if they stopped the prophylasis.

Patients whose viral load is non-detectable and who still have to use drugs to prevent O.I.’s still have full blown AIDS. If they did not have AIDS, they could stop the prophylasis and they would not break with O.I’s. Why not start paying more attention to direct diagnostic markers of immune function, diagnostic tests that can tell you if your immune system is returning to normal function, a condition that prevents O.I.’s and AIDS related deaths.
1. Multitest CMI-

Multitest is used to determine how a patients immune system is functioning. Multitest CMI measures CMI (Cell Mediated Immunity), also called DTH (Delayed Type Hypersensitivity- Type IV) and is a direct indicator of antigen presentation.. As a surrogate marker, Multitest and other immune function tests are unsurpassed as a marker to determine the efficacy of any AIDS treatment protocol. A protocol that reduces HIV viral load but does not improve immune function treats HIV infection, but does not treat AIDS. Multitest should be used with each and every change in treatment protocols. An improvement in the MultiTest score is an indication that the protocol is working (improving immune function).

Multitest antigens are standardized to prevent variations between lot numbers. Thus, skin reactions can be uniformly interpreted. Multitest is a skin patch with seven antigens including tetanus, candida, diphtheria, proteus and others plus glycerin which is added as a control (neutral). The patch pricks the surface of the skin and insert a small amount of inactivated antigens. The test is read 48 to 72 hours later. If the patient was previously exposed to an antigen (i.e. tetanus) there should be a strong reaction in the form of a welt., an area that a becomes red and sometimes itchy. The average size of the welts that forms that are 2 mm or larger determines the strength of your immune system. The size of the welt is measured in millimeters. The larger the welt, the greater is your immune response. The formation of the welts is direct proof that antigen presentation is taking place. Without the Dendritic cells, monocytes and macrophages presenting antigen from viruses to the CD4 Helper cells, there can be no immune response from the host as the CD4s will not know what to do. This condition is called Anergy.

A guideline for interpreting Multitest reactions. If the average welt size (induration) that forms is – 1. less than 2 mm in size, you have a very weak immune response (Anergy). Anergy = AIDS. Antigen presentation is not taking place. No immune response is occurring. 2. larger than 2 mm but less than 3 mm in size, your immune response was positive but below average. 3. larger than 3 mm but less than 4 mm, your immune response is average. 4. larger than 4 mm but less than 5 mm, your immune response is better than average. 5. larger than 5 mm, your immune response is excellent.

If you have anergy (no response) to a Multitest immune function skin test, you have AIDS, which is immune dysfunction, a syndrome caused from the onset by a failure of antigen presentation. Multitest is a polygraph test for the effectiveness of all AIDS treatment protocols whether they are drugs, protease inhibitors, nutritional, herbal or holistic. CD4 count increases and PCR viral load decreases are surrogate markers that do not measure improvements in immune function. Nice looking numbers, without function, will not protect you from PCP, CMV, TB, MAI/MAC or Toxoplasmosis. Improvements in immune function, even function without nice looking numbers (viral load, CD4 counts), will protect you from opportunistic infections.

Multitest is a direct measure of an immune response to a challenge. It is inexpensive and does not generate great profits. Multitest cannot justify drug cocktail combinations that do not restore a functional immune system. Pharmaceutical companies and many physicians, who own stocks in pharmaceutical companies, deliberately ignore immune function tests that would not show their drugs to be the success they claim them to be, but the failure that they are.

We should not allow ourselves to be misled by the latest media hype and advertisements. We should use Multitest every time lab blood tests are done to determine if immune function is getting worse, staying the same or improving. If Multitest results show that immune function is staying the same or getting worse, it is time to consider changes in the protocol. Multitest CMI is manufactured by Connaught Laboratories, Route 611, Box 187, Swiftwater, PA 18370 Ph No 717-839-5467 or 800-822-2463 Fax 717-839-5005. It is paid by most insurance companies. Your physician can order Multitest CMI test kits from Connaught Labs.

Pharmaceutical companies know that they will sell more drugs and generate more profits by presenting data to the community that casts a more favorable light on their products – treating HIV infection by lowering HIV viral loads rather than treating AIDS by using Immune Function Diagnostic tests. After all, a 25% improvement in immune function (restored DCH responses) will generate less excitement and sales than a 75% success rate in lowering HIV viral loads. The main problem is that the generally accepted disease model (HIV = AIDS) is incorrect. HIV is a co-factor in AIDS and does not directly cause immune dysfunction. The virus to beat is HHV-6A, the only AIDS ever proven to destroy CD4 cells and attack lymphoid tissue and organs. HHV-6A can cause severe immune dysfunction without HIV (as in CFIDS), but works more destructively when stimulated by the HIV “tat gene” (as in AIDS).
2. Natural Killer Cell Function.

What makes Natural Killer Cells so important in chronic conditions of immune dysfunction is that unlike other immune cells that must hold conferences with the CD4 Helper cells, the Natural Killer (NK) cell is policeman, judge, jury and executioner all in one. NK cells target infections both outside and inside the cells. NK cells target and kill cancer cells, viruses and bacteria. Unlike Memory T and B cells that have to acquire the knowledge of which foreign invaders to target, the NK cells have an innate knowledge of what to do. NK function is measured in “lytic” units and measures in a lab the ability of NK cells to lyse or kill cancer cells. The normal reference range for NK lytic units is from 20 to 250. Anyone with less than 20 lytic units has little or no NK function and almost no natural immunity against cancer.

NK function can only be impaired by a failure of antigen presentation (MHC class 1) from infected cells. This is not to be confused with MHC class 2 (antigen), found only in antigen presenting white blood cells (dendrtiic, macrophage, monocytes etc). Infected cells present antigen (MHC 1) on their cell surface to signal NK and other white blood cells that they are infected. If this event fails to happen, the NK cells cannot see the infected cells and fails to clear the infection by destroying the infected cell. This is what makes Multitest CMI so valuable when used in combination with an NK Function Test. If you have both a good response to Multitest CMI and a good test score in “lytic” units ( at least 50 or higher, preferably 100 or higher) then the NK cells can both see the infected cells and have the energy to destroy them. If you have good NK function in lytic units and anergy (little or no response to Multitest) your immune system is still in trouble as anergy means a failure of antigen presentation and that means that the NK cells will not be able to see all the cells that are infected with viruses or other pathogens and eliminate them.

A very accurate NK Function test is available through S.W. Immunotoxicology Labs in Tucson, AZ. 602-451-6533. Ask for Dr. Dean Friesen. He has developed a new NK function test that is accurate to within .2% upon retesting. He also has a special insulated container to ship blood specimens to keep a constant temperature which is necessary for an accurate test. His lab would be my first choice. NK Function tests are also available from ImmunoSciences Labs (800-950-4686 or 310-657-1077) or Specialty Labs (800-421-7110 – test code 5420).
3. T cell and B Cell Function (ImmunoSciences Labs) or (Lymphocyte Mitogen Proliferation Analysis – Specialty Labs – test code 1060).

This test uses 3 different mitogens for stimulating the B cells, CD4 and CD8 cells in lab cultures. The proliferative response is necessary for the immune system to clone the troops and mount an attack against the invaders. If the proliferative response fails, then anergy exists in one or more of the subsets. B cells that are anergic will not produce antibodies. CD4s and CD8s both produce various cytokines. Without the cytokines (chemical messengers), no effective immune response will occur against infections inside the cells from the CD8 Cytotoxic Lymphocytes (a CMI response).

Together, these 3 tests are the most important diagnostic tests for measuring immune function. Of the 3 tests, persons with limited funds should take note that I believe the two most important are the first two mentioned – MultiTest CMI and the NK Function Test. Other important tests include CD8 counts and NK counts. The higher both numbers are, the better. However, these counts are not measures of function. High counts in both these subsets are only important if function first exists. Without function, high counts for CD8s, CD4s and NK cells can impart a false sense of security. If they are not functional, they are useless zombies. Without immune function, you have no protection against infections and various forms of cancer. This is why immune function tests are so critical.

Note: A poor man’s self-test for antigen presentation is a topical skin test for Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity using a topical solution of DNCB (DiNitroChloroBenzene). Remember, antigen presentation is absolutely the first event that must take place before the immune system can mount a successful attack against a virus. HHV-6A impairs antigen presentation, HIV does not. HIV’s main role in AIDS is gasoline (the HIV tat gene) feeds the fire (HHV-6A) replication and it is the HHV-6A virus that attacks the immune system and major body glands and organs. No effective antiviral treatment for AIDS will ever be completely effective in reversing the disease process unless it also lowers the titers of HHV-6A.


A comprehensive test for immune function from Immunosciences Labs is called “IMMUNE SYSTEM EVALUATION PANEL 2 COMPREHENSIVE” that may be substituted for the three separate tests previously described. It includes 7 specific tests including Total T cell and B Lymphocytes subsets, T4/T8 ratios, Natural Killer Cell counts and Activated T cells which measures antigen reactive Memory cells – test code 88180 plus NK Cytotoxic Activity (NK Function test) – test code 86353 and Lymphocyte Immune Function Test (B cells, CD4’s and CD8 reactions to mitogen stimulation) test code 86353 x 5 and Interluken-2 Production- test code 86318. Total costs for all 7 tests is $450. This complete panel is recommended for anyone with AIDS or CFIDS. A description is found on page 14 of their catalog. To obtain a catalog, call Immunosciences Labs at 800-950-4686 or 310-657-1077.

This Immune System Evaluation Panel plus MultiTest CMI and testing for HHV-6A through “Rapid Culture Assay” nearly completes the picture for testing in AIDS and CFIDS.

TESTING FOR HHV-6A “Rapid Culture Assay” or “Lymph Node Biopsies”

Konstance Knox and Donald Carrigan have two types of tests for determining the presence of HHV-6A and B. They are Lymph Node biopsies and Rapid Culture Assay. Only lymph node biopsies will determine the condition of your lymph nodes and requires a surgeon. Rapid Culture Assay only requires a blood draw. Staining is used to determine the presence of HHV-6 and their subsets, Variant A and/or B. Any anti-viral and/or immune based protocol that reduces HHV-6A to non-detectable levels is an important treatment for AIDS and HHV-6A related CFIDS. To order a Rapid Culture Assay test for HHV-6, contact Knox and Carrigan at Herpes Virus Diagnostics, 12346 West Layton Ave, Greenfield, WI 53228. ph 414-529-3780 fax 414-529-3782.
The Critical Body Temperature and pH Tests

Besides all the above, two other very critical tests that can be self-administered and cost pennies are body temperature and saliva pH.

1. Low Body Temperature is a condition widely reported in persons with AIDS, CFIDS, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Candidiasis and Cancer. Body temperature should be a normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures even 1 degree below normal indicate impaired energy production and Anergy in the white blood cell response to infections. No treatment for any of the 5 conditions mentioned here will ever be completely satisfactory unless it restores body temperature to a normal 98.6. When body temperature returns to normal, most symptoms disappear. A thermometer is all you need to take this very important test. Low body temperature correlates directly to increased HIV, HHV-6A viral loads, increases thrush and fungal infections and growth of cancer cells. See the chapter in my book on low body temperature for suggestions on how to restore it to normal.

2. Saliva pH. Low saliva pH, below 6.4, measures acidosis in the body and directly correlates to increased viral replication and impaired enzyme function and malabsorption of nutrients that directly impacts white blood cell counts and immune function. See my book for more information on how to Balance your pH.
Beta 2 micro-globulin levels

Beta 2 micro-globulin levels measures an antibody that indicates the rate of cell destruction going on in a person. In AIDS, levels of 1.5 or less correlate with non-progression and low HHV-6A activity. Levels above 3.0 correlate with a high rate of cell destruction that could be caused by HHV-6A infection or other lytic viruses in the cells, oxidative stress or destruction caused by other inflammatory processes. High Beta 2 levels may indicate a tendency to develop cancer and lymphomas.

Immunosciences Labs (Beverly Hills, CA) and many other labs offer a test to measure Interluken II levels. IL-2 is one of three important TH1 type cytokines, the others being gamma interferon and IL-12. If IL-2 levels are normal or at the high end of the normal reference range, it indicates the CD4’s are producing predominately TH1 type cytokines and this is good news. Another indicator test is to measure the amount of CD8 Cytotoxic Lymphocytes (CD8 CTLs) like CD57+. If the percent of CD8 CTLs are more than 50% of your total CD8 cells, this also indicates that the CD4’s are producing predominately TH1 type cytokines. The CD8 CTL’s, like NK cells, also kill virus infected cells and cancer cells. The balance of the CD8s are suppressor cells. In the normal population, the CD8 CTL’s reference range is from 11 to 39% of the total CD8 count. In AIDS, CFIDS, candidiasis and cancer, we want this number of CD8 CTL’s to be higher as long as the immune system is under challenge. I have found that in some persons with AIDS who have high CD8s of the predominant suppressor type, that they are not protecting them against opportunistic infections. In AIDS and CFIDS, the type and quality of CD4s and CD8s is more important that the quantity. We want CD4’s predominately producing TH1 type cytokines (not TH2) and CD8 that are predominately cytotoxic lymphocytes, not suppressors.

It is generally good news if CD8 – total count, Total absolute NK cell counts, white blood cell counts (WBCs) and total Lymphocytes counts remain high. A Complete Blood Count (CBC) is also recommended periodically to evaluate other blood parameters.

Summary – Where There is Truth in Numbers

From our perspective on diagnostic tests, the ones that measure functional value – preventing opportunistic infections – are the most important tests to consider. The tests that are not important are to only count CD4 cells and HIV viral loads and to decide the success or failure of a treatment protocol on “improvements” in these numbers. People who are trapped in this mind-set are constantly looking for the right combination that reduces HIV viral loads and increases CD4 counts. They would find more truth in evaluation of their protocols if they used direct diagnostic markers of immune function.

It is time pay more attention to diagnostic tests that directly measure immune function and to pay less attention to diagnostic markers that have no more prognostic value than a roll of the dice. What is the value of lower viral loads for HIV and higher CD4 counts if you keep breaking out with opportunistic infections? Improvements in NK function and CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity prevents opportunistic infections, cancers and lymphomas. Opportunistic infections kill people. High HIV viral loads do not kill people. Disseminated HHV-6A infection can also kill people. It is time to pay attention to diagnostic tests where there is truth in numbers.


Voice Mail Message – July 1st

Mark Correa, a PWA from California who developed “Retinitis” after starting on a protease inhibitor drug cocktail combination told me he cleared the infection from his left eye in 7 days by adding 1000 mg of BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) to the lemon/olive oil drink. He took this twice daily. He used a total of 2000 mg of BHT daily. After 7 days, he reported the cloudiness in his eye cleared up. He then reduced the dose of BHT to 1000 mg daily. He has also received an injection of Cytovene every two weeks but his doctor told him he has never seen a case of Retinitis clear up this fast. In his latest examination, the doctor found no traces of Retinitis remaining and then questioned whether the first diagnosis was an error. Correa was interviewed in the latest issue of Positive Health News. He has discontinued drug cocktail combinations and is now using immune-based and nutritional therapies and told me recently he has never felt so good.

In the April/May, 1997 issue of “Alive and Kicking” (We The People, Phila, PA), an article titled “New Infections linked to Protease Inhibitor Use” reported that physicians in several cities both here and abroad are finding an increase in “Retinitis” occurring in many patients after starting the use of protease inhibitor/nucleoside drug combinations. The article reported that one person developed CMV Retinitis only 9 days after starting on Ritonavir. Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration has, within the past 3 weeks, sent a letter to physicians treating AIDS patients advising them to monitor blood sugar levels. The FDA reported that as many as 1 in 100 people may develop elevated blood sugar levels or diabetes as a result of using protease inhibitors.

In the latest newsletter, I reported on 5 cases where persons used Lauric acid from coconuts, coconut milk or oil to inactivate HIV, HHV-6 – variant A, and other lipid envelope viruses. Since publication of the newsletter, two persons with AIDS have called and reported HIV viral load drops as a result of drinking canned coconut milk. One person who consumed 1/2 can (about 7 ounces) daily reported a 50% drop in HIV viral load in 4 weeks. Another person with an HIV viral load of 60,000 reported it dropped to 800 in 6 weeks. He consumed 1/2 can twice daily or a total of 14 ounces. He also used other immune based therapies including Naltrexone, DNCB, RyVital, Beta 1, 3 Glucan and DHEA. He eliminated trans fatty acids and most forms of sugar from his diet and also took evening primrose oil and vitamins and minerals from super foods and whole food sources. Neither person used any protease inhibitors or nucleosides.

Recently I learned that two major pharmaceutical companies are now pilot testing new drugs for treating Human Herpes Virus 6, variant A (HHV-6-A). The source from whom I learned the names of the drug companies asked me not to disclose their identity at this time. From another source I have learned that top government scientists have been meeting behind closed doors to discuss this virus – HHV-6A. This source indicated that it was not at liberty to disclose what was discussed at these meetings.

Why the secrecy surrounding HHV-6A? For the past 13 years, the public has been told that HIV alone is the cause of AIDS. As I see it, top government scientists are probably waiting until the drug companies come up with an effective treatment for HHV-6A before breaking the news to the world of a second AIDS virus. Another problem is that a simple diagnostic test (urine, blood or saliva) is needed to determine if someone has been exposed to HHV-6A and no one has developed such a test at this time. Right now, only lymph node biopsies can accurately determine if a person is infected with HHV-6A. These tests are now available through Knox and Carrigan as reported in my latest newsletter. Because the government has not had the courage to step up to the microphone and tell the world of the role of HHV-6A in AIDS and CFIDS, the popular press continues to ignore this virus and one of the most important stories of our times remains untold.
Voice Mail Message – Aug. 1st

Today is August 1st. Within the past month, one of our readers who has been HIV+ for 12 years was pressured by his physician to start a drug cocktail combination with protease inhibitors. Within 7 days after starting on the combination, he developed Retinitis. The development of serious opportunistic infections in persons using protease inhibitors is evidence of a failure of cell-mediated immunity. I referred the reader to the BHT treatment for Retinitis used by Marc Correa and reported in last month’s message. Meanwhile, published reports linking the use of protease inhibitors to the rapid onset of Retinitis are now appearing in medical journals. These reports are accessible through AIDSLINE at the National Library of Medicine. In June, the FDA sent a letter to physicians treating AIDS patients alerting them that as many as 1 in 100 persons using protease inhibitors are developing elevated blood sugar levels and some could go on to develop diabetes.

Meanwhile the CDC reported in July that the death rate from AIDS dropped 19% in the first 9 months of 1996 as compared to the first 9 months of 1995. In the first nine months since protease inhibitors became widely available in January, 1996, the CDC reported 30,700 deaths from AIDS. A more disturbing question remains: why is it taking so long for the data for the last 3 months of 1996 and the first six months of 1997 to become available? Based on limited data I have analyzed, I am estimating that 600 to 700 persons continue to die from AIDS every week in the United States. The promises of Vancouver that protease inhibitors, by reducing HIV viral loads to non-detectable levels, would stop the death and dying is proving to be a big lie, but a profitable one at that, paid for mainly by US taxpayers.

Now for better news. Marc Correa, who developed 5 major opportunistic infections (OIs) after he went on the drug cocktail combinations, got rid of all of them after he stopped the drug cocktails and went on an aggressive program of immune based and nutritional therapies. The OIs he developed were Kaposi Sarcoma, Retinitis, PCP, disseminated herpes, and thrush. At the time all five OIs disappeared, his lab numbers looked at their worse. His CD4 count dropped to 4 and his HIV viral load increased from non-detectable levels to 272,000. However, his labs numbers have since improved. On July 5th, he reported his HIV viral load dropped to 33,000, his CD4 count increased to 210 and his CD8’s are up to 976. He remains symptom free. It is important to remember that the disappearance of the 5 opportunistic infections preceded improvements in his lab “numbers.” Marc has written out his complete protocol. I will send a copy to anyone on request. Write to me and include a SASE.

In another local case, D.W. of Racine WI, had been on Crixivan, AZT and 3TC for over one year while his weight and health deteriorated. This happened in spite of increases in his CD4 counts and a very low HIV viral load of 2400. In Dec., 1996, he began to add nutritional and immune based therapies including Naltrexone, Beta 1, 3 Glucan, Complete Thymic Formula and Designer Protein. He also used one bottle of Transfer Factor and has been using Larreastat for several months. Six weeks ago, he added coconut oil – 3 tblsp daily to his protocol along with evening primrose oil and Jarrowdophilus. Late in June, he quit the Crixivan, AZT and 3TC. Three weeks later he had lab work done. Surprise, no increase in his HIV viral load. It remained at the same 2400 level it was 3 months ago and he had increases in both his CD4 and CD8 counts. He feels so good he left on vacation this week.

Other news. Knox and Carrigan have introduced a new blood test for HHV-6, variants A and B, called “Rapid Culture Assay.” The blood test for HHV-6 is now available as an alternative to the lymph node biopsy. Recently, Konstance Knox told me that Donald Carrigan and herself had found the variant A strain of HHV-6 in every single AIDS patient for which they used lymph node biopsies. Also, a search I done on AIDSLINE at the NLM last week turned up 220 published articles on the role of HHV-6 in AIDS. This is up from 195 articles which I found in February , 1997.

A new product came to my attention last month which activates Natural Killer Cell function. It is called Biotic Code 614 and is sold under the name NK911. Biotic Code 614 contains a patented transfer factor that studies have indicated can more than double NK function in just 2 weeks. Dr. Jesse Stoff MD has used Biotic Code 614 in his clinical practice for the past 3 years and has written a report of the results in 46 patients having conditions ranging from AIDS to CFIDS to Candidiasis to Cancer. Natural Killer cell function was measured in all 46 patients and improved in every one of them along with very significant improvements in their health. This product does not require a prescription. I am considering suggesting NK911 as an alternative to Naltrexone or it may be used with Naltrexone to restore NK function.
Voice Mail Message – Sept. 1st

Last month I reported on Marc Correa’s results using immune based therapies along with coconut oil and the herbal antivirals which are rotated every 30 days. He reported in August his viral load dropped to 971 and his CD8’s increased to 1080. However, more important than these numbers are that he feels great and has not had a single opportunistic infection all summer. Two local PWAs, Jim and Doug who are also using immune based therapies along with coconut oil and Larreastat have reported viral load counts of 800 and 2400 respectively. Both all report feeling great and have not had a single O.I. since starting on these protocols. None of the three persons I mentioned here are using drug cocktails and none are using any drugs to prevent PCP or any other opportunistic infection. A copy of Marc Correa’s protocol is available by send a SASE to Keep Hope Alive.

On August 23rd, Jim Prentice and I met with Mary Enig PH.D. in Milwaukee. Enig told us that Lauric acid in coconut oil is hydrolyzed in the small intestines into Monolaurin, a substance that dissolves the lipid envelope of lipid envelope viruses like HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV and others.

Three persons using NK911 last month reported to me the following results. Rich Carson of the CFIDS Buyer’s Club said it wiped out a sinus infection in 3 days. Another person with CFIDS, who had chronic low body temperature, reported immune activation in the form of low grade fevers and a third person with wasting reported better appetite and a 4 lb weight gain in two weeks. The usual dose is one capsule 3 times a day for 3 days and then skip the next 4 days and repeat the same schedule the following week. NK911 is available from PH Products – 414-242-5650 or Novus Research at 800-244-2438 or Mike Davis at 650-654-1795. Based on the information I have reviewed, NK911 may be used as an alternative to Naltrexone or may be used along with Naltrexone to further activate Natural Killer cell function. Monitoring NK function periodically will determine the effectiveness of the product.
Voice Mail Message – Oct. 1st

I spoke with Marc Correa earlier today who is only using immune based and nutritional therapies. He reports his latest lab results. His CD8 count is up to 1080, CD4’s up to 274, WBC’s up to 6000 and PCR count is down to 560. His complete protocol, which closely follows the recommendations in the last newsletter, will be published in Report No 15. He reports he feels like a million dollars and has not had one opportunistic infection in the past 4 months. The true value of immune based therapies cannot be measured, initially, in terms of CD4 counts or even HIV viral load. Many physicians do not understand the value of immune based diagnostics and refuse to order these tests. The most important diagnostic tests in AIDS are those that tell you if you have natural immunity against opportunistic infections. After all, what is the value of non-detectable HIV viral loads and higher CD4s counts if you break out with infections like Retinitis, MAC, PML, Toxoplasmosis, PCP, Cryptococcus, Candida, KS, Lymphomas, cancer or leukemia? HIV infection will not kill you, opportunistic infections will.

The three most important immune based diagnostic tests that will indicate if you have natural immunity against opportunistic infections are the following. 1. Natural Killer Cell Function. 2. Multitest CMI and 3. B and T cell function.

Natural Killer cell function is measured in “lytic” units. The average NK lytic unit count in a normal healthy person is 135. A lytic unit is measured in a lab when NK cells are placed in contact with cancer cells. If the NK cells do not kill any cancer cells, your Natural Killer cell function is zero. If 100 cancer cells are lysed or destroyed, your NK function is 100 lytic units. Functional Natural Killer cells can provide you with natural immunity against cancer, viral and bacterial infections and all the opportunistic infections involved in AIDS. NK cells operate independently of the CD4 cells. Unlike the B cells, Dentritic, monocytes and macrophages, the NK cells do not need to hold a conference with the CD4 Helper cells to be functional. Functional Natural Killer cells are like a policeman, judge, jury and executioner all in one. Anyone with a NK function of less than 25 lytic units is severely immune compromised.

In September, one person with CFIDS and 4 persons with AIDS told me their latest NK function test results. The person with CFIDS had 3 lytic units and has to drink 1/2 cup of olive leaf tea twice a day or she feels like something is eating her brain (possibly HHV-6). The 4 persons with AIDS reported the following results: One had 3 lytic units along with Retinitis and a MAC infection. One had 4 lytic units with PML and a MAC infection. One had 24 lytic units and the 4th had 26. The two AIDS cases with a NK function of 24 and 26 did not have any active infections at this time but their NK function numbers are dangerously low. A goal for anyone with AIDS or CFIDS is to increase their NK lytic units up to 50 as quickly as possible and eventually to increase them to 100 or higher.

The second test is Multitest CMI which demonstrates Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity and Antigen Presentation. This occurs when the immune system is challenged with antigens in a skin test. Without antigen presentation, no immune response can occur to any infection.

The third test measures the lymphocyte proliferative response of B cells, CD4 and CD8 cells under mitogen stimulation. This test measures the ability of the immune system to clone an army of specific subsets of white blood cells to attack the invading pathogen. If all three test show normal values, you no longer have either AIDS or CFIDS and any symptoms you may have had will be gone. Even though you no longer have AIDS or CFIDS, you may still harbor a small amount of residual HIV and/or HHV-6A virus and will need to continue immune based therapies until a method is discovered to achieve total eradication of HIV and/or HHV-6A.

A failure of Natural Killer cell function and cell mediated immunity (CD8 CTL activity) links 4 major epidemics – AIDS, CFIDS, Candidiasis and Cancer. In AIDS and CFIDS, there is an additional failure of antigen presentation (of HHV-6A) from the Dendritic cells, Monocytes and Macrophages to the CD4 Helper cells and this impairs an effective CMI response to HHV-6A.

Note: Voice mail messages can be heard monthly by calling 414-548-4344 after the 1st of each month and can also be found on our internet web site at http://my.execpc.com/~khope/keephope.html. Marc Correa’s experiences with Immune-Based Therapies & the drug cocktails

Marc is 24 yrs old and lives with his Grandparents in La Habra, CA. In my last newsletter I interviewed Marc who told me he switched from Protease inhibitors (Norvir, DDI and D4T) to immune based therapies after coming down with several opportunistic infections while on the drug cocktails. He broke out with these infections even though his viral load was at non-detectable levels and his CD4’s had increased from 16 to 186. Based on these two sets of numbers, the viral load and CD4 counts, the drug cocktails were a success but based on the reality of breaking out with opportunistic infections, he decided they were a failure. The O.I’s he broke out while on the drug cocktails included PCP, Kaposi Sarcoma, Herpes, Retinitis and fungal infections. After he quit the cocktails, his lab numbers soon looked at their worst, CD4’s of 4 and a so-called viral load of 272,000. However, his CD8s then began to climb from 282 to 700 and he began to recover. What follows is an exact written description of his complete protocol.

His latest lab results (Sept., 1997) showed PCR numbers (whatever they mean – HIV or cellular debris?) are down to 560, CD8 of 1080 and CD4’s of 274. Since our last newsletter, Marc has called several times to tell me he feels like a million dollars. He reports he has not had one opportunistic infection all summer. He has had several small colds which come and go quickly. I told him this was a good sign as it means stronger CMI and weaker humoral (antibody) immunity. His CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes are excellent at 89% whereas the normal reference range is 11 to 39%. His DNCB reactions are so strong at the weakest concentrations .02% that his skin almost blisters in 4 hours after application. However, in 3 days the skin reactions are gone. Between the DNCB reactions and the very high CD8 CTL’s, his cell mediated immunity is about as good as anyone can have. Here is his exact protocol.

Marc’s Protocol:

Immune based therapies. “X” means “times daily”

1. DNCB – once weekly application 1”by 1” area.

2. RyVital – 3 drops under tongue 3 X.

3. Beta 1, 3 Glucan (100 mg 2 X.

4. Complete Thymic Formula – 3 caps 2 X with meals.
Detoxification Therapies

1. Whole lemon/olive oil drink twice daily with 2 Tbsp of olive oil in each drink.

2. Cleansing enemas – 1 quart of filtered water with 1 Tbsp of vinegar mixed in. Placed in enema bag and fill colon until full – evacuate in toilet. done 3 times weekly.

3. Coffee Retention Enemas – twice weekly

4. Filtered water – drink 3 to 4 liters daily.
Diet and Nutritional Therapies

1. Follows Immune Enhancement diet from How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction by Mark Konlee.

2. Cayenne – 3 capsules 3 X with meals.

3. Raw Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves daily in soups, salads and on rye crisp – eat parsley to neutralize odor.
Anti-Viral Therapies for HHV-6A + HIV

1. Coconut Oil – 1 Tbsp 3 X.

2. BHT (Twinlabs) 500 mg in lemon/olive drink 2 X.

3. Rotate the following herbs every 30 days. (i..e. use one herb at a time for 30 days then go on to the next until in the 4th month I start with the first one again)

a. Larreastat – 1 capsule 2X

b. Lemon Balm – home made formula – 1 tbsp 2X.

c. Clarkia-100 40 drops in water 3X.

4. PCP prophylasis – 1 Sees-2000 capsule daily.

This is my complete protocol. Update (9/5/97): Since the Retinitis has been in remission all summer, the BHT has been reduced to 250 mg once a day.

Excerpts from a recent conversation.

Konlee: Marc, how are you doing?

Correa: Great. I feel like a million dollars even though I break with colds that come and go quickly.

Konlee: That’s a good sign. Persons with AIDS, CFIDS and cancer do not get the common cold. It means you have weak antibody immunity and stronger cell mediated immunity. I know a person in Milwaukee who has been HIV+ for 5 years and has never had one AIDS defining opportunistic infection. He told me has a major cold 2 or 3 times a year. He is HIV+ but has not progressed to AIDS. What does your doctor say about the progress you are making?

Correa: He keeps telling me how lucky I am and that these benefits I am getting won’t last. “If what you are doing really worked, everybody would be doing it.”

Konlee: What do you tell your doctor?

Correa: I tell him , “we’ll see…I feel like a million dollars. I haven’t felt this good even before I was HIV+.” Every time I see him, he says “here comes my walking quilt.”

Konlee: He must be referring to your DNCB patches.

Correa: Yes. He thinks it is ridiculous for me to paint the DNCB on my skin.

Konlee: What is not ridiculous is that your CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes are at 89% which means that only 11% of your CD8s are suppressors. Let him find lab results that impressive with his other patients. Have you asked him to order a Natural Killer cell function test, MultiTest CMI and B and T cell function test?

Correa: I have, but he said the State will not pay for these tests and then he tells me that he does not see how these test could tell him anything.

Konlee: He doesn’t see, because he does not understand immunology. This is unfortunate.

You can write to Marc Correa at 540 W Florence Ave, La Habra, CA 90631. If you ask him to, leave your phone number and he will call you back collect. His grandparents do not know his health status or he would have allowed me to publish his phone number. Marc is presently looking for employment.

PROTEASE INHIBITORS Is the honeymoon over?

The good news on drug treatments combinations including protease inhibitors is that they have been credited for reducing AIDS deaths in the United States by 26%, according to figures released by the CDC in September, 1997. The number of persons dying from AIDS in 1995 averaged about 800 per week. In 1997, that number has dropped somewhere in the 500 or more per week category. Yet, with 500 or more persons dying from AIDS every week in the United States and despite the fact that the majority of persons with AIDS or HIV infection in the US are on protease inhibitors does not suggest by any means that this epidemic is over.

Believing that the AIDS epidemic would soon be over after the 11th Int’L AIDS Conference in Vancouver in 1996, many publications with wide circulation in the gay and lesbian community have stopped publishing “obituaries” of persons dying of AIDS related complications.

In AIDS Treatment News, Issue #277, August 14, 1997 by John S James includes an interview with Lisa Capaldini, MD on the metabolic effects of Protease Inhibitors. Among the side effects of protease inhibitors being reported are elevated cholesterol levels (the LDL’s – also known as the bad cholesterol), elevated Triglycerides, blood sugar levels and a condition known as Crix belly. Crixivan and Crix-a-belly

John James writes:

“In the last few months we have heard increasing anecdotal reports of a condition which has been named “Crix belly.” People may gain 40 pounds or more of fat remarkably quickly in the lower abdomen, and there may also be some muscle wasting in the arms and legs. The cause is unknown.”

Dr. Capaldini told John James:

“So far, we have identified three metabolic disorders associated with protease inhibitor therapy as a class. First we saw high triglycerides..High triglycerides clinically can cause pancreatitis….The third condition in high blood sugar.”

On Crix-belly, Dr. Capaldini writes:

“No one understands what is causing this condition. In appearance, Crix belly is closest to Cushing’s syndrome. People gain fat on their lower belly and flanks, and often notice a loss of muscle tissue in their arms and legs. This acquired condition is associated with a disorder of cortisol, when you have too much of it.”

Crix-a-belly – a local case.

A few months ago, here in Wisconsin, I met a man from Green Bay who had been on Crixivan whom I had not seen in at least 9 months. When I seen him, he talked about how much weight he had gained. I observed that his stomach protruded out like a women in her 9th month of a pregnancy. Being polite I simply asked him if he had been drinking more beer recently. He replied, no, the usual amount. I also observed what appeared to be a loss of muscle mass in his arms and legs. He told me he was taking Crixivan, AZT and 3TC. He was into his second year of using these drugs. At the time, I did not draw an association between his unusual profile and the Crixivan. I had not yet heard of this condition now called Crix a Belly. If this condition is caused by elevated cortisol levels, it is not good news as too much cortisol depresses cell-mediated immunity and promotes TH2 type CD4 cytokine production that will weaken the host defense against opportunistic infections.

In other news, the editor of Positively Aware, has written an article on Invirase, called “Bad Medicine.” It is rare to find a magazine that is openly critical about a product sold by one of it’s advertisers. In the Sept/Oct issue of Positively Aware, Editor Brett Grodeck writes: “In our last issue we scrutinized the drug Invirase and we paid for it with a harsh reprimand from its manufacturer Roche, a regular advertiser in this publication. A small price to pay for our integrity.” The criticism of AIDS activists now being directed against Invirase is that it is the weakest of the protease inhibitors and once you develop viral resistance to one protease inhibitor, you develop viral resistance to all of them.

“Hello” The Sky is Not Falling – Try Immune-based Therapies

My message to these AIDS activists is that the sky is really not falling and that they need to investigate immune based therapies. There is no viral resistance to immune based therapies as these therapies do not directly attack the virus – they work through the immune system. Our activated white blood cells are natural predators to foreign proteins (viruses, bacteria etc.). There is no more of a problem to viral resistance to activated (Natural Killer cells, CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes and macrophages) than the chance that mosquitoes might develop resistance to being eaten by dragon flies. This hasn’t happened in millions of years. Mosquitoes might develop resistance to DDT or other pesticides over time, but never to dragon flies. With immune-based therapies, rigid schedules are not required. You can take a vacation from them for a while and start using them again and they resume doing their work of eating viruses and bacteria and filtering them out of the blood. In Wisconsin, Ron Geiman, who writes a regular column for “In Step Magazine” wrote that after using Invirase for 6 months, he developed a type of leukemia (AML) that may be one of it’s side effects and is listed as such in the fine print. He reported he is now on the 4th protease inhibitor – Viracept. The leukemia, which was treated with drugs, has remained in remission for the past year. Ron also reported on Keep Hope Alive’s two virus theory on AIDS (HIV + HHV-6A) and stated he did not know “what to believe.”

On August 22nd, 1997, The New York Times carried a front page story titled: Despite New AIDS Drugs, Many Still Lose the Battle. The article was written by Sheryl Stolberg about Jerry Roemer who had AIDS and appeared to recover for a while on protease inhibitors. He went back to work for the Dept. of Justice as an “unretired” person after two years on disability. Then Stolberg added: “On Wednesday, Jerry Roemer was buried in a graveyard surrounded by cornfields near his family’s farm in Nebraska…He spent his final days in a seventh floor room at Georgetown University Medical Center, a skeleton of the handsome man he once was…His mouth foamed white with thrush, a yeast infection that could not be controlled.”

Janet Reno called Jerry Roemer an “inspiration.” Jerry Roemer himself said one afternoon: “It wasn’t suppose to happen this way.”

A year ago, for anyone to print a word about protease inhibitor failure was considered heresy. In June, 1997, the FDA sent a letter to physicians warning them a small percentage of patients on P.I.s might develop elevated blood sugar levels and even diabetes. Since then, a literary fireworks has been going off across the country.

The latest news published in Wisconsin Light (Oct 9, 1997) starts with this headline: “Latest Studies Show that New AIDS Drugs Fail in About Half of Patients.” The latest data was presented at an infectious disease conference sponsored by the American Society of Microbiology in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Steven Deeks is quoted: “Over the past year, we had a honeymoon period..The epidemic will likely split in two, and for half the people we will need new therapeutic options.” Dr. Deeks report was based on a review of 136 patients who started on the two most powerful protease inhibitors – Norvir and Crixivan. He reports that in 53% of these patients, the virus is now detectable. Meanwhile, Dr. David Ho has said that patient non-compliance with the rigid schedules is the reason for viral breakthrough.

All of these latest pessimistic assessments are based on HIV viral load testing using either Roche quant RNA PCR or Chiron’s branched bDNA tests. Has anyone thought of questioning the accuracy of these tests or precisely determining what it is that they are measuring? Is anyone questioning the prognostic value of viral load testing to determine if it is an indicator of who will or will not break with life threatening opportunistic infections? Is there not something wrong with a diagnostic test that shows success in lab results (lower viral loads) but failure on a more important level – when patients break with O.I.s? Is it not time to start aggressively using direct marker of immune function, those that can reliably predict who is likely or not likely to develop a life threatening O.I.? (Note: I listed 5 of these direct diagnostic markers of immune function in my letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci).

What is Roche Quant RNA PCR and Chiron’s bDNA measuring? Are these tests only measuring fragments of the HIV virus or a combination of DNA and RNA fragments of all viral and bacterial infections as well as gene products from cells that apoptose?

In my last issue, I wrote an article questioning the accuracy of both bDNA and Quant-RNA PCR for HIV viral loads with the unflattering title of “Voodoo Diagnostics” that I am now certain caused this newsletter to get thrashed at a few ASO’s. I pointed out that when you compare PCR to bDNA test results in the same patient, same day and same blood draw, that the viral load numbers do not match and vary by up to 50%. When you compare the P24 antigen viral load for the core HIV viral protein with bDNA, these numbers to not correlate in any consistent numerical ratio and are essentially all over the map. At issue here is the accuracy of all viral load testing to quantify HIV levels in blood plasma. I endorsed the P24 Antigen test for HIV viral load as an honest test since it directly measures the amount of a core HIV viral protein in the blood whereas with PCR and bDNA, the quantity of either DNA or RNA is primed to replicate many times over before being measured with flow cytometry. The big problem with both bDNA and Quant RNA PCR is that neither test positively identifies what virus the gene fragments belong to before they are primed to multiply to a level that can be measured. It is obvious that both Quant RNA PCR and bDNA are measuring something, but what?

About a month ago, Gene, who lives in CA, called me with his lab results after using lauric acid for 6 weeks. He consumed 3 tabelspoons of coconut oil daily which contains 48% lauric acid, a semi-saturated fat that the body converts into Monolaurin, a substance that dissolves the outer lipid envelope of lipid envelope viruses like HIV, HHV-6, EBV and CMV. He said his viral load increased from 3000 to 48000 in 6 weeks. I asked him what kind of test did he use to obtain this viral load. He replied “PCR.” I told him that his was the first reported case of a failure to lower HIV viral load using coconut oil. I added that I suspected the PCR test was in error. I asked him if he had any other active infections going on in his body. He replied “none that I am aware of.” I told him there could be an active infection other than HIV that had not yet produced symptoms and that this could account for the higher numerical values on the Quant. PCR test. I asked him if he was aware of widespread reports that big increases in HIV viral load by Quant PCR or bDNA are being reported when there is an active infection present. He said was aware of this. I told him of Jim Prenctice’s theory that Quant RNA PCR and bDNA were not exclusively measuring HIV viral load but that probes were picking up DNA and RNA fragments of cellular debris from cells that apoptose (self-destruct) and/or RNA or DNA gene products of other viruses.

I told him the only way to find out if the 48000 figure of HIV viral load from the PCR test was accurate was to obtain a second test that would directly measure a key HIV viral protein – the P24 antigen. I suggested he obtain the P24 antigen test. If you really have 48000 HIV viruses in every cubic millimeter of blood, the test should show high levels of P24 antigen. He agreed to do this rather than abandon the coconut oil regimen.

Two weeks later he called me and said: “You. were right.” I asked him: What were the test results for the P24 antigen? Gene replied: “negative.” I said “negative?” He replied “Yes, there was no p24 antigen detected.”

I said: “now isn’t that interesting? How could you have 48,000 active HIV viruses in a cubic millimeter of blood and have no P24 antigen? You need at least one key P24 viral protein for each virus.”

He then asked me what could be causing the PCR Quant test to indicate a 48,000 HIV viral load. I told him that there were several possibilities.

1. Another active viral infection undiagnosed.

2. An active bacterial infection that has gone undiagnosed

3. Oxidative Stress or free radicals that increases cell destruction

4. An increased metabolic rate causing a higher cellular turnover. This is not a bad condition. Higher metabolic rate correlates to increased energy production in the cells and normal body temperature – conditions associated with antigen presentation and stronger cell-mediated immunity.

5. Other inflammatory or catabolic processes like excess PGE2 prostaglandin that also cause a higher rate of cell destruction. Any one of these 5 conditions could increase the amount of DNA or RNA gene products circulating in the blood and if the PCR or bDNA testing probes are not able to distinguish the gene products doming from HIV from those coming from other sources, they are all counted together as HIV even though they are not all HIV.

To explain it this way. Let’s say that someone came up with a probe that you could place into a bowl of soup and it would tell you how many tomatoes are in the soup because it could measure a certain protein found in the tomatoes. Now a Chef brings you a bowl of mixed vegetable soup that he first placed in a blender and homogenized at high speed. Now it just so happens that the protein found in the tomatoes is also present in the other vegetables. Now, if the “expert” places the probe in the soup, do you really think he can accurately measure how many tomatoes are in the soup? No. What he is measuring is the proteins coming from all the sources, not just the tomatoes, but the peas, green beans, carrots and onions as well. You could not call a test like this accurate for measuring the amount of tomatoes in the soup.

Now, back to Quant. PCR and bDNA, if these probes are so sensitive that they are picking up DNA and RNA gene products from several sources, they are not exclusively measuring HIV but gene products from all the sources put together, so the test is not accurate and definitive.

Spin Magazine (Feb. 1997) reported the case of Rodney Knoll who is HIV negative who had a higher PCR HIV viral load than Christine Maggiore, president of HEAL, who is HIV+. Last week, Jim Prentice, who is HIV+ told me that this summer he had a lab test order from his physician for a PCR viral load test. Instead of going to the hospital to have them draw his blood, he sent in a friend who tested HIV negative recently on the Elisa test. He told his friend, Mr. B., to tell the hospital that he was Jim Prentice. He did and Prentice reported the viral load came back at 800,000. I was unable to obtain copies of both lab results to verify the results reported. However, I have no reason to doubt this report.

The accuracy of Roche’s Quant. RNA PCR and Chiron’s bDNA is now an open question, since both Roche and Chiron have advised against their tests being used to diagnosis the presence of HIV. According to Jim Prentice, he told his physician what he had done and the doctor told him he was “wasting the taxpayer’s money.” Prentice told Keep Hope Alive that his friend showed a high viral load for cellular debris (not HIV) because he was a high energy person with a high metabolic rate who would naturally have a high rate of cellular turnover.


I know I am going to get some verbal flack for asking our HIV+ readers to send in their HIV negative friends in their place the next time their physician orders a quantitative test for HIV by PCR or bDNA. However, the criticism I may get will be nothing compared to what Roche and Chiron will receive for making false claims about their respective tests to quantify the amount of HIV in blood plasma, if it turns out that large number of HIV negative persons have an HIV viral load (cellular debris) that is not an HIV viral load and these persons also test negative on both the Elisa and Western Blot tests.

In order to get a hospital to accept your HIV – friend as you, it is best to find someone of your approximate height and weight. I have never known a hospital to ask for a driver’s license or picture I.D. before drawing blood for a lab test. It is important to inform us of your results, regardless of what they are. I will announce the results in my monthly Voice Mail Message updates and in the next issue of this newsletter.

Jim Prentice has told me that quantitative viral testing for HIV is a scam and that if HIV- people were given the test, they would show a HIV viral load and this would blow the game. Prentice said these test were devised only for the purpose of promoting the sale of protease inhibitors and drug cocktails.

Keep Hope Alive is not going to make any conclusions yet or make allegations of scientific fraud. We need to obtain the facts first before interpretations are applied. If Roche’s PCR and Chiron’s bDNA is not exclusively measuring HIV viral loads and is measuring DNA or RNA gene products of all the infections in your body as well as gene products resulting for apoptosis, it might still have some value. Consider that HHV-A is a lytic virus and an efficient destroyer of cells. Could PCR and bDNA be measuring HHV-6A viral loads gene products along with gene byproducts from destroyed cells? Scientific research indicates that the protease enzyme is required for apoptosis. Since protease inhibitors inhibit not only HIV protease, but all protease enzymes, they inhibit apoptosis (cell death). Stopping cell death could explain why these drug cocktail combinations cause such fast drops in HIV viral load counts. The virus is locked up inside the cells. Normally, several millions cells die and are replaced daily.

Two other observations. It is widely reported that when PWA’s stop using protease inhibitors, they have huge increases in viral load within a few weeks. What is probably happening is not an explosion of HIV activity as has been assumed, but apoptosis of millions of cells that have out lived their usefulness and are now allowed to die. This could be compared to opening up a dam. i.e. When protease activity resumes, normal cell death and replacement takes place.

Second point. It has been reported recently that 53% of persons on P.I.s for a year or longer are failing because viral load has started to reappear. What is showing up as viral load for HIV may not even be HIV, but an indication that the body has evolved a mechanism to resume apoptosis inspite of the protease inhibitors. To check out this thesis, give these persons a P24 antigen test to find out if the core HIV viral protein has reappeared. If it hasn’t as I suspect it won’t in most cases, then what is showing up as HIV viral load is probably nothing more than cellular debris.

Stopping apotosis for too long has implications favorable for the development of cancers and lymphomas. The problem with cancer cells is that they don’t die. When you consider the combined effects of elevated cortisol levels from protease inhibitors which drives TH2 cytokine production activating B cells combined with forcing cells to live beyond their normal life span, you have all the ingredients necessary for lymphomas – and lymphomas are on the increase.

Note: Credit is given to Jim Prentice for many insights on PCR contained in this article. While I agree with most of Jim’s theories, there are still some points on which we continue to disagree.

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Letters From Uganda Appeal for Help

Dear Mark,

I am grateful for the Positive Health News Report, No 14. I am particularly happy about the research being made which gives hope to the patients of AIDS. Our organization the P.R.S. is finding this information very helpful while dealing with its clients. I, however, regret to mention that most of our clients are too poor to buy some of the items talked about in the newsletter. To make it worse, some of them are not available here. They need to be ordered from abroad and this increases the costs. Presently eleven of our clients are particularly too vulnerable to help themselves.

I am therefore requesting you to connect us to some charitable donors so that these patients may get some financial assistance or products that they need.

Please reply, Yours faithfully,

Enoth M Beesigye
Peoples Refuge Shelter
PO Box 819
Icabale, Uganda.

Dear Mr. Konlee,

My wife died from AIDS 2 yrs ago and my son and I are both infected. I am pleased by any help you can give us in this difficult situation. I am suffering from post herpes pain and find it difficult to work. My son has lost weight, diarrhea, coughs, has TB and fungal infections. Fruits are hard to come by here. I cannot find olive oil or coconut oil. I think fruits helped, but there is a drought here and are hard to find and expensive. I hope for further help.

Sam Tumusiine
PO Box 610
Kabale, Uganda.

Editor’s note: It literally brings tears to my eyes to learn of the plight of people afflicted by both poverty and AIDS. Whoever is in a position to help these people is encouraged to do so. If you send products, make them as a “gift” and the value as “0” to avoid customs charges. It is the tragedy of persons in third world countries who cannot afford expensive treatments that our mission to find low cost answers for AIDS is so important. Those of you who say the Pieta Prayers, continue to do as one day soon your prayers will be answered.

A Suggestion for Our Friends in Uganda

A few newsletters ago, I reported on a farmer from Minnesota who found great curative powers for cancer and infectious disease in Colostrum (the first milk after birth of a calf) from cows milk when the cow’s immune system was exposed to the blood of the afflicted person.

Here is how it is gone. Find a goat or cow that is young, healthy and pregnant. About 6 to 8 weeks before the expected birth of the offspring, inject about 1/2 ounce of blood from the person with AIDS into the two hind tests of the cow. This can be done with a hypodermic needle that draws the blood and over the needle is placed a plastic sleeve called a canula – available from a veterinarian. The needle with the plastic sleeve over it is painlessly inserted into the opening in the hind teats and the blood is inserted into the udder. This is called an infusion.

Within a few days, the cow or goat should develop a fever or immune reaction. When the offspring is born, there will be enough milk to treat 4 or 5 persons with AIDS. The very first milking is called Colostrum and it will contain very high concentrations of protein immune modulators called transfer factors that are antigen specific for the kinds of infections in the blood to which the animal was exposed. However, all the milk produced even for several months will have therapeutic value for persons with AIDS. This method will work for any other infectious disease as well. When you do all this, ask for God’s blessing on this undertaking and you will find that your prayers and efforts will not be in vain.



NK911, Naltrexone, Garlic, Vitamin B6 DNCB – once a week topical application

BETA 1, 3 Glucan – 1 or 2 capsules or more daily.

BIO-PRO THYMIC PROTEIN A or COMPLETE THYMIC FORMULA. Note: if you use Bio-Pro Thymic Protein A daily, a good vitamin mineral formula to use with it is Jarrow Formulas “Multi 1 to 3.” It contains no herbs. Use Bio Pro Thymic Protein A (one packet daily) when white blood cells, lymphocytes and red blood cell counts are low. It contains growth factors to increase these counts.

If you use Complete Thymic Formula, use it in the same 3 days you use NK911 as both formulas contain echinacea. On the remaining 4 weekly days, use either Multi 1 to 3 or Jarrow Pak Plus.

DHEA – women 10 to 25 mg daily. Men 50 to 100 mg daily. DHEA suppresses cortisol production of which there is too much is AIDS, CFIDS, Candidiasis and cancer conditions. Have your physician monitor DHEA levels.

Antigen-Specific Transfer Factor – (Chisholm Biologicals) – Take one twice daily for 20 days if you have ever become asymptomatic. Restores T cell memory and DCH. No lab evidence exists that this product increases NK function although in one case it increased NK counts. Use this product periodically as needed.

L-glutathione – to increase cell levels of this valuable anti-oxidant that suppresses viral replication, use one of the following; Designer Protein, Optimune, Immunocal or drink 1 or 2 glasses of raw unpasturized milk (goats milk – best choice). Have your physician monitor L-Gluthathione levels.

Sublingual Vitamin B-12 with Folic acid. (Bricker Labs)

Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink – 3 or more times a week.

Coffee Retention Enemas – one or more times weekly

Raw freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices

Diet – Immune enhancement diet described in this book or macrobiotic diet. Low sugar diet – avoid candy bars, pastries and soda. Avoid foods cooked with hydrogenated fats and trans fatty acids – foods cooked with Canola oil are especially bad. For cooking, use coconut oil, butter or olive oil

Reduce Stress – it elevates cortisol levels Exercise – walking, sports or jumping on a trampoline.

Lauric Acid (from coconut oil) – may be used daily – Adult dose 3 or more tablespoons of coconut oil daily. Add to hot tea, pancakes or cooked rice or home baked cookies. One cup of coconut oil can make 16 cookies each containing 1 Tbsp of coconut oil. Monolaurin is also sold in capsule form (Ecological Formulas)- 6 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach. Raw coconut or coconut milk should not be used more than 3 days per weeks due certain sugars it contains. Use coconut oil on the remaining 4 days or every day. Coconut oil may be used continuously. It balances body weight – increasing weight if you are underweight and helping you lose body fat if you are overweight.
Herbs: Choose one or more and rotate every 30 days.

Olive leaf extract – 1/2 cup home made tincture twice daily or 4 capsules daily. In purchasing olive leaf extract in capsules for the first time, try one bottle of two or more brands before deciding which one works best for you.

Larreastat – one capsule twice daily.

Lemon Balm – 1Tbsp twice daily of home made tincture – or 1 tsp of leaves twice daily.

Clarkia-100 and/or LDM 100 – one dropperful 3 times daily.

*Note: See the latest edition of my book for more information on how to use these products or protocols or my last newsletter – Report No 14.

Editor’s Notice on advertised products:

The original antigen-specific transfer factor discussed in our last two newsletters was manufactured by Chip Dopson of Chisolm Biologicals and marketed under A.J. Lanigan’s label while A.J. Lanigan manufactured the high dose Beta 1, 3 Glucan in 100 mg capsules and both products were dropped shipped by Chisolm Biologicals for A.J. In August, both men broke off their business relationship and have introduced competing products. Both have advertised in this newsletter and I do not have sufficient information on these new products to comment at this time. Check with the source (the manufacturer) for more information. The advertising of any product in this newsletter does not mean that its use is endorsed by Positive Health News and the acceptance of advertising for similar competing products does not mean that they are equally effective. Lower priced products are not necessarily a better buy if they are less efficacious. All advertisers are responsible for their own health claims.


Anyone with cancer from any cause should obtain a copy of The Gerson Primer. The Gerson Institute has been successful in treating cancer patients with diet, nutrition and detoxification therapies for the past 40 years. This book is a must reading. It also contains a section on lab data and interpreting lab results. Instructions on how to do coffee retention enemas and their value in rapidly removing toxins from the blood is covered. These instructions are also printed in my book in the chapter on “Detoxification and Colon Cleansing.” To order The Gerson Primer, call 619-585-7600.


by Bernard Bihari MD

Low dose Naltrexone was first discovered to have immune modulating effects in 1985. My colleagues and I were looking for a treatment for immune deficiency, compelled at that time by the exploding AIDS epidemic. We tested blood levels of endorphins in people with AIDS and found that they averaged less than 30% of normal.

We found that 3 mg of Naltrexone taken at bedtime more than doubled endorphin levels the following day with no side effects. We tested the drug against a placebo in AIDS and found significant improvements in several immune functions. As our research continued I began to use low dose Naltrexone for people with HIV/AIDS and other immune related disease including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, allergic asthma, eczema, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, sarcoidosis, periartitis, polymyositis and a number of other autoimmune diseases. The response rate has been high with more than 80% experiencing remissions. Naltrexone is nontoxic, safe and without significant side effects. It can be taken in combination with any other therapy, although combining it with immunosuppressive drugs would be counterproductive since their actions are opposite to each other. Bernard Bihari 212-929-4196 fax 212-229-9371.


An article appearing in Elsevier Science Ltd (1995), by Paolo Puccetti of the University of Rome and Luigina Romani and Francerco Bistoni of the Univ. of Perugia, Italy, wrote that

“An imbalance in the TH1 type and TH2 type responses may allow Candida albicans to modify the host response to favor its own persistence….Resistance to disease correlates with the detection of delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) responses in-vivo and a TH1-type cytokine-secretion profile in-vitro….While clinical data and animal models have shown clearly that cell-mediated immunity is an important mechanism of anticandidal resistance, recent observations suggest that TH2 type CD4 cell reactivity may be triggered by Candida antigens in several disease states in humans….This may imply that a TH1 type pattern of reactivity characterizes…resistance to candidal disease seen in healthy humans, wheres TH2 type repsonses are associated mostly with pathology.”

The implications of this research are profound. It means candida albicans must be effectively treated to promote a shift in the CD4 cytokine profile from TH2 back to the more effective TH1-type. This may also require life style changes to restrict consumption of processed foods high in corn syrup and sugar.

The newsletter you have just read is a supplement to my book on “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction”, by Mark Konlee. The book contains a wealth of information on nutrition, diet, immune based diagnostics and treatments as well as specific treatments for various kinds of infections and other heath related conditions since the first edition was published in 1989. It was recently updated on Sept. 1st, 1997. For instructions on how to order the book, click here.