Elaine Cantin was diagnosed with breast cancer and within one week was rushed into have a surgical lumpectomy. Doctors wanted to immediately begin ‘aggressive’ radiation and chemotherapy and this idea frightened Elaine, as she had seen many family members and friends die from similar treatments. Elaine said, “I thought that if I had to go, I would not be going that way.” Within six months the tumor had regrown in the original spot to the size of a small egg.

Elaine did extensive research and testing with the ketogentic diet used at the John Hopkins Medical Center. She modified the diet to exclude dairy and other allergens, and once on this modified version of the diet, her tumor shrunk to the size of a chickpea in only two weeks! A biopsy of the ‘tumor’ revealed NO CANCER present.

Recently Elaine has been given a clean bill of health as she is considered in ‘complete’ remission – Elaine’s breast cancer is cured!

Elaine also tested her diet with her fifteen year old son who has been taking insulin for Type 1 Diabetes since he was three years old. As long as he is able to stay on the diet, his blood sugars level and he is able to stop taking insulin. For many years now we have believed that Type 1 Diabetes is incurable. Elaine was able to get her son off insulin several times and is conducting further research to see if her modified ketogenic diet can actually cure Type 1 Diabetes.

Elaine shares her encouraging and uplifting story of how she cured breast cancer with her modified ketogenic diet, and also tells of her experience with Type 1 Diabetes in this short interview with Incredible Healing Journals.

For more information about Elaine’s story and links to her Facebook page and her book go to: http://incrediblehealingjournals.com/elaine-cantin-on-how-to-cure-breast-cancer-with-her-modified-ketogenic-diet/

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