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You’re not alone in your thyroid struggles. Challenged by symptoms, frustrated with testing or even if you already have a firm diagnosis, the experts participating in the Healing Hashitmoto’s Summit can help you.

Thyroid disorders can overreact to the slightest of imbalances — join us and gain the advice you need to live a happy, healthy life with Hashi’s!

Just like you, most of the co-hosts of this summit have Hashi’s — join them online to assist in your path towards wellness. They’ve done it, and you can too!

You’ll learn from their personal stories, plus the advice, tips and in-clinic practices from the experts they’ve relied on, not just to diagnose and manage this disease, but to live with hope, purpose and companionship!

The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit 2017 is here to:

  • Raise awareness about this chronic disease
  • Help with early detection, testing and diagnosis
  • Discuss the importance of physical, mental and emotional healing
  • Advice for navigating the ups and downs
  • Share success stories (it IS possible and you’re not alone!)
  • And so much more!

The first summit in 2016 was a resounding success that raised awareness, helped with early detection and connected our attendees to proper testing for diagnosis. This year, we’ll continue our mission to raise awareness, as well as dive more deeply into all aspects of healing: physical, mental and emotional.

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