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by Dr John Briffa
The Cholesterol Truth


Over the last few years increasing numbers of Swedes have been rejecting conventional nutritional advice to eat a low fat, high carbohydrate diet, and instead are opting for what is being termed a ‘lower-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF)’ diet. So significant has this shift been, that it’s estimated that about a quarter of Swedes have adopted a LCHF diet, and the country has even suffered a butter shortage as result.

Recently, a study was published in the Nutrition Journal which laments the trend in Sweden for LCHF eating [1]. The study, conducted by Swedish researchers, assessed trends in food consumption and cholesterol in the north of Sweden from 1986 to 2010. The researchers make the point that fat intakes started to rise in 2002 for women and 2004 for men. The concern that comes across loud and clear in the paper is that this was paralleled by a rise in cholesterol levels, which the authors describe as a ‘deep concern’. The inference is that increased fat intake led to the rise in cholesterol. However, cholesterol levels didn’t start to climb until 2007. So are we really expected to believe that it took 3-5 years for cholesterol to rise in response to an increase in saturated fat intake?

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